Misiunea Liberă

Isus Hristos este acelaşi ieri, azi şi în veci. Evrei 13:8


Alte ţări

The Jewish, the Christian and the Mohammedan religion are referred to as "monotheistic", that is to say, they believe in the existence of one God. But they did come to completely different result s about God. Their teachings and their expectations are opposing one another totally. How can one explain the various developments, if the place of origin was the same? Did God not make Himself plain enough? Have the Jews as the chosen carrier of His testimony not recognized the manifestation of Himself? Did the Christians misinterpret the same? And did the Moslems completely ignore it, being confused by the former law? God has given an all-sufficient testimony of Himself, but we must distinguish between His own witness contained in His Word, given in complete harmony through all His prophets, and between the scribes and what they made of it. The one who truly believes, values only what God said in His own Word. What men say about Him and His Word is irrelevant, but it was the actual cause of bringing the various denominations and religions into existence. The Lord wishes to introduce Himself the way He is, not the way we make Him.