Misiunea Liberă

Isus Hristos este acelaşi ieri, azi şi în veci. Evrei 13:8


William Branham

Blessed ministry of William Marion Branham has brought thousands of unbelievers to Christ, has been proved by mighty presence of the Holy Spirit in many meetings during 40 years of his service. Many have been healed from most serious diseases, many miracles have happened. Some dead were brought back to life.

There was no ministry like this since the days of apostles. None of many blessed men of God who arose in the past centuries was so equipped to his service as br. Branham.

Why this happened?

The importance of the time we are living in is so big, that God decided once more to visit the mankind the same way as it was at the beginning, when apostles under direct order of the Lord were sent to spread the word of salvation. As with the apostles, so with br. Branham, the mighty miracles were given to attract peopleÂ’s attention, but were not the core of the service. People were saved, thanks to original word preached by apostles. So now, at the end of the time, God not only gave the miracles, but also the message to mankind:

Come out from Babylon, you who believe my Word!