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Internet Video Summary transcription - June 2014 / Ewald Frank

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International mission centre in Krefeld, Germany.

As we have experienced many times, people came from east and west, from north and south, from all over Europe and also from countries from overseas, hearing the true and precious Word of God. 

Then we also referred to what happened in the recent past. We had a trip to Israel with 195 persons. Believers from different countries visiting again all the cities and sites which have a biblical significance and then we came to understand that also the pope would be visiting Near East, also Jerusalem. 

And brothers and sisters, the Word of God to us and for us means everything. And as you know in 1st Thessalonians 5 from verse 1 to 5 the apostle Paul spoke about the time when they would say: „Peace and safety… and then sudden destruction would come upon them.” So we understand by the Word of God the urgency of the matter in our time. Jerusalem is mentioned 780 times in the Bible Mount Sion is mentioned 157 times in the Bible. Not to go into details and not to say a word about other religions, but we understand that the Jerusalem is the city God has chosen for Himself and for His people. So we must understand what is going on before Christ, our Lord will reign on mount Sion. There are many Scriptures speaking about it. 

So, on monday the 26th of May pope Franciscus was in Jerusalem. He made a visit to the upper room on mount Sion. It is the only program I watched when in the upper room celebrating his catholic mass. And beloved, you can understand what was going on in my heart, in my soul. The upper room was the room where our Lord had the Last supper. It is the room, where the outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place. And then to see pope Franciscus in the newly prepared and decorated upper room having the mass. 

Beloved I respect every person living on Earth. And every politician, every religious person in authority have to do what they must do. And it is the urgency of the hour to have peace, to have peace. Not peace in New York or in Moscow but peace in Jerusalem, peace in the Holy Land. And friends now the thing is taking on shape. Then on coming sunday, eighth of june, when we celebrate the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, reminding on the day of Pentecost the two main persons – Mr. Peres and Mr. Abbas will be guests not only in the Vatican, but in the mansion of pope Franciscus and there they will pray for peace – for lasting peace. And the statement was: „Peace now!“, „Security now!“. Not any time in the future, but now, now. And you can imagine, when Mr. Abbas will pray, he has to look towards the east, towards Mekka, turning his back to Jerusalem and when Mr. Peres will pray he will look towards Jerusalem, turning his back on Mekka. And the third question is, where is the pope going to look to and to whom will he pray. To whom will he pray. We leave it to future on next sunday. 

But beloved, I just have to say this, we have reached the final moments of the time of grace and the prophet of God for our day said that the two things will be sharply around the same time – the peace treatment and the Rapture. And in one statement he said: „The Rapture will be and then the peace treaty will be signed.“ So my question is: How close are we to the Return of Christ, our Lord and Savior?

Beloved, one of the many questions addressed to me was: „Why there are so many directions in the message of the hour?“ And my answer is very straight but also very strict, without compromise: There is only one direction in the message of the hour. The message of the hour is promised Word of God for this day. And every interpretation is a lie and is outside the Word and outside the message of the hour, so we must understand: there is only one Church, one Bride and the Word of God is the only truth and no Scripture is of any private interpretation. And friends, I have to say this with divine authority of God’s Holy Word: Today you hear about this and that direction, about thunders about, about, about… and they all say: „We are in the message.“ No! And again: No! The message is the Word of God! If you do not find the promise in the Word of God whom are you believing? What are you believing? If you don’t believe the Word of God, what are you believing? What are you teaching? If your teaching is not in the Word, it’s outside and therefore let me say this in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ: There is only one Bride and she is a Word-Bride – Word for Word for Word! No interpretation, no explanation, no discussion, but the true seed of Almighty God – the Bride of Christ. 

And therefore as the Return of our Lord is so near and we see Bible predictions and promises fulfilled everywhere we must say this with divine authority: „Look up, for your redemption is drawing near!“ And the message of the hour is to bring us back to the original foundation, to the original Word of God, to the very beginning, because Jesus Christ is the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last and the first and the last sermon must be the same. The first and the last baptism must be the same. Everything must be restored on the original foundation laid by the apostles and prophets. William Branham did not bring the new religion. William Branham was a man sent from God, promised prophet for this day before the day of the Lord would be to bring us back. And I am glad I knew Lord before I came to know the prophet. And I respect the prophet as no other man on Earth can, because I knew him personally for 10 years. I was in his ministry seeing what God has done, I am an eyewitness, I am an earwitness and I translated all his sermons into the german language. I know his message in and out. It is not outside the Word it is in the Holy Word of God and therefore every statement he made we take back to the Scriptures. 

Beloved, may God have His way with His people.

As Paul was writing in 1st Thessalonians 5 about the day of the Lord, about when they will say: „Now is peace and safety, then sudden destruction will come.“ The same apostle Paul has written: „You brethren are not in darkness that this day could overtake you as a thief.“ Why are we not in darkness? Because God has revealed His Word. And beloved, may the God of heaven be praised, may His name be glorified! Never was His Word revealed in all the details in such a marvelous way as in our day and time.

Beloved, our Lord said repeatedly: „When you see all these things come to pass…“ We see them coming to pass. „When they will say: Peace and safety then, then…“ And the time is here, the hour has arrived! This is God’s time for God’s people to prepare, to be ready for the return of the Bridegroom and all who are part of the Bride of Christ will hear the voice of the Bridegroom and prepare for the Return of our Lord and Savior.

May the blessings of God rest upon you is my prayer. Prepare to meet the Bridegroom. His coming is very near. 

God bless you in Jesus' Holy name. Amen.