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Internet Video Summary transcription - October 2015 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Smumary October 2015

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany.

We look back to a very great and special weekend. We had meetings, outstanding meetings, people from all over Europe, from overseas were with us. We had the main auditorium, the dining rooms, we had all the rooms filled with over 1,200 people to share the Word of God, to hear the message of the hour, to be brought up to date in the Kingdom of God. We also had to emphasize that not only Matthew 24 goes to fulfillment in our time about the things which take place, but also Ezekiel 38–39 is in preparation. We read Isaiah chapter 17, we read other Scriptures, we read to show that we're now not only experiencing the return of Israelites back to the promised land from over 150 countries, but we also see the powers joining in the area to – when the day comes – to strike Israel. But that will be the moment when the Lord God will speak the last word and send destruction upon the 200 million which will be gathered. We just need to read Revelation chapter 9, Revelation chapter 16 – about the River Euphrates and also about the four destruction angels which will kill one third of humanity.

Beloved brothers and sisters, God has opened our eyes to see what is going on right now. And our Lord emphasized and said: "When you see all these things come to pass, then look up, then you know your redemption is drawing near." For us who believe God's promised Word for this day it's just marvelous to fully understand God’s plan and purpose for this day, to fully understand the ministry of brother Branham, a man sent from God with a message of God to the people of God. 

And brothers and sisters, we have to go back to the Word of God. When our Lord said: "I will send you Elijah the prophet…" – Malachi 4, when He repeated it here in Mark 9:12: "And He answered and said: Elijah verily shall come first and restore all things." We have to stop here and consider what the promise contains. William Branham did not bring us a new religion! William Branham did not add to the Word of God! The testament is complete and no one has a right to add one single word to this testament! I have to say this in the name of the Lord. For those who claim to believe the message and the messenger: Why don't you go back to the Old Testament – 1 Kings 18 – what did Elijah do? Did he start a new doctrine? A new religion? Or did he call God's people? Did he call God's people? Yes. He did. And what did he do? He took the 12 stones according to the 12 tribes. He restored, he  rebuilt the altar and he put the sacrifice on the altar. And then he prayed: "Lord God let it be known today that thou art the only true God in Israel and I am your servant and that I've done this according to your Word." 

So when the Lord God made the promise: "I will send you Elijah the prophet to restore all things…" The word „restore“ does not need to be interpreted. It means what it says and says what it means. How many times brother Branham said: "We must be restored to the very beginning, to the apostolic teachings, to Pentecost, back, back to the original Word of God!" 

So, beloved, everything that is done within the so-called ranks of the end-time message hurts me very, very much. And I say this openly: It is known all over the Earth that I had part in brother Branham's ministry, I knew him for 10 years, I received the taped messages, I grew under his ministry, I met him a number of times. And beloved, many things could be said here but the most important was April 2nd, 1962, just before sunrise when the Lord with an audible, all-penetrating, all-commanding voice said these words: "My servant, your time for the city will soon be over. I will send you to other cities to preach my Word!" You know my testimony. I took a flight to see brother Branham. On December 3rd he confirmed word for word the commission the Lord gave me. So my ministry is not a claim, it's reality. There is a great difference between a claim and a reality. Anybody can make a claim and say: "I've been with the prophet, the prophet told me this, the prophet said…, the prophet here, the prophet there…" No, I don't make any claims, I just share with you the true testimony of the true calling to the ministry and with this call a divine responsibility is connected. And when brother Branham even said these words: "Brother Frank, wait with the giving out of the food until you get the rest of the food that belongs with it!", beloved brothers and sisters, I knew I had to wait until the last sermon was preached. 

Let me say this in love: Especially at the funeral service of our beloved brother Pearry Green my heart was broken. I came to know once more about the various directions believing this, believing that, believing seven thunders and all the different things. I came back weeping. I said: "Dear Lord, what has happened with the greatest ministry that ever was and has taken place on the face of the earth?" And all saying: "The prophet said, the prophet said…" Nobody referred to the Bible. No one. Just "the prophet said…" Beloved, let me make this very plain: William Branham had an infallible ministry as our Lord and Savior in His ministry as the Son of man could say in John 5:19: "The son of man does nothing, only what he sees the Father do, this He does likewise." 

So William Branham saw a vision for every person in the prayer line. He could tell the person what God showed to him in that vision. And every time it was: Thus says the Lord! No one else ever had such a ministry. 

At the same time I have to repeat: William Branham did not start a new religion, he did not take us away from the Bible, he brought us back to God, to the Word of God, to the Bible and this we must respect. And specially if we hear some of the brothers preaching about seven thunders – in love, just in love – I'm asking you: I hand you this Bible. Can your preach from this Bible seven thunders? Please, where? Can your preach the third pull from this Bible? Please, where? Can you preach the tent vision from this Bible? Please where, show me! My God in heaven! When will you come to realize that all these things pertained to the divine ministry William Branham received from God Almighty!? Leave it where it is and preach the Word of God! Be it the tent vision he spoke about since 1956, be it the third pull, be it the seventh seal, be it the seven thunders… And even here, you can read the statements brother Branham made – here, on March 24th, 1963, when speaking on the seventh seal, here brother Branham says that it was them, seven thunders uttering themselves right close together. Even today one brother wrote a long email saying: "Brother Branham never spoke about seven thunders in reference to the appearing of the supernatural cloud on February 28th." When are you going to check every statement brother Branham made, not only one that you would like to refer to? Please read those you don't like to refer to! 

And here again, on March 24th, 1963: "Seven thunders uttered straight together and there were spelling out something." So you just need to go back! But this was not in reference to my ministry! This is in reference to William Branham's ministry and this has happened because brother Branham said: "Rapturing faith is in the seven thunders." But we have to understand the prophet in the speech he was using! 

My God, I don't know how long the Lord will be merciful and look upon the things which are not right because this is God's time to put all things into the right divide order. 

Again, the third time, in the seventh seal brother Branham said: "But there is seven thunders straight uttering right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!" – and he knocks on the pulpit. Who are you, brother, to say there was only one thunder? Who are you to mislead God's people? Who are you to say William Branham must return? We preach the return of Christ, not the return of William Branham! Let me say this in the name of the Lord: Nothing but misleading, confusion reigns between those who claim to believe the message because they don't take everything back to the Word of God! 

Please, understand everything pertaining to the ministry of William Branham is fulfilled and the rest which he saw will take place just before the Lord returns in the full restoration of the power of God when missing links will come and when the power of God will be manifested. That will be the short space of time when the Lord himself according to Isaiah chapter 28 and according to Romans chapter 9 – where it says: „The Lord himself will finish his work.“ William Branham finished his work majestically! Everything is in divine order, we just need to under-stand by divine revelation and place all things were they should be. 

May God bless you! 

Finally, for your information: God is doing great things. I could give a report from many, many, many nations of what God is doing right now. For today: May the blessings of almighty God rest upon you! Please understand: The ministry of William Branham was to restore the church, to lay the foundation of the 12 apostles, to bring us back to the original teachings of the apostles! Not to start a new religion. 

May God bless you! 

I have to say these things in the name of the Lord. 

Be blessed and believe God and His Word in Jesus' holy name. Amen.