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Internet Video Summary transcription - December 2014 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary – December 2014

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany.

By the grace of God we again had wonderful meetings. People from all over Europe and even from across the sea came to be with us to hear the Word of God. We also had the Lord's Supper together and foot-washing, just praising the Lord for the grace He has bestowed upon us.

Then we just thought: the return of our Lord is so near and it's not enough to know all the mysteries – we must be prepared to meet the Lord when He comes back to take us home to glory. And we understand from the depths of our hearts that brother Branham was sent as a man sent from God with a message of God to the people of God. So the last call is going forth and all the elect will hear what the Spirit has to say onto the Church.

And then we shared the Scriptures from Matthew 25, verse 10:

„And they that were ready went in with Him to the marriage and the door was closed.“

Beloved brothers and sisters, the emphasis must be put on: "… they that where ready…" Not: "…they who speak about the message or the messenger, debate here and discussions there", but those who were ready, they will go into glory and be at the wedding supper as it says here, in the marriage supper.

Beloved, this is so very important: to be one with the Lord in Spirit and in Truth. As brother Branham was told: Not only perfect love, but perfect understanding by divine revelation to receive every Word of God and believe every Word of God.

And therefore we believe the blood of the New Covenant was shed for us on the cross of Calvary. The Word of the New Covenant was given unto us and the promises contained in the Holy Word; even to the promise: "I will send you Elijah before the great and dreadful day of the Lord comes."

Beloved, then we need to go to 2nd Timothy 4 and it says here, at the end of verse 8: "…but unto all them also that love his appearing."

In Matthew 25:10: "…they that were ready…" Here the emphasis is: for them who love His appearing. Glory be to Almighty God! There is such a longing in our hearts to be with our Lord. The bride has a deep longing to be with the Bridegroom. And only those who are part of the bride will hear and believe what the Bridegroom has to say to his bride.

So, going to the third: it says in the Hebrews chapter 9, in verse 28, in the last part of it:

"…for them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation."

For them that look for Him He shall appear the second time. We all know: The promised return of our Lord according to John chapter 14 is the second coming of Christ and therefore the message of the hour is a last call to those who are now alive and will be part of the bride of Christ. And when the Lord returns, the dead in Christ will rise first and we who are alive shall be changed and together we shall be taken to be with the Lord at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

And then going even to Revelation 19: "…and His bride – His wife – has made herself ready". For those who love His appearing, for those who are ready, for those who wait for Him to come.

Beloved brothers and sisters, were not only talking about the return of Christ, not only about the message of the hour, not only about the infallible ministry God gave to brother Branham, we are talking about the purpose of that ministry. What will be the final outcome of that ministry: The bride will be washed in the blood of the Lamb. The bride will be washed by the waters of the Word, spotless, the bride will appear with the Bridegroom.

So please, never forget these Scriptures: Matthew 25:10, 2nd Timothy 4:8, Hebrews 9:28, Revelation 19:7 and finally: "…and the Spirit and the bride say: Come!"

Beloved in the Lord, we have the message of the hour and it is now 49 years since our beloved brother Branham was taken to glory, but the message is reaching the ends of the earth and it is being fulfilled what the prophet was told: "The message given to you will forerun the second coming of Christ."

So please, prepare, please, wait, please, get ready, please, love His appearing. Just like a bride – she cannot wait for the moment to be married, she yearns to see that day, there's something in her.

And beloved, all who are part of the bride of Christ at this time, they love His appearing, they prepare for His appearing. There is no more discussion needed, no point that we should discuss. No, this time is finished. This is God's time He granted onto us to have the last call, the last ministry, the promises for this day and to have direct part in what God is doing right now.

May God bless you, may He be with you, may we all get ready and have a longing in our hearts to be taken from this earth. This is not our home – our Lord prepared the place for us and we shall be with Him.

Only to mention the signs of the time: Look at Israel and look what is happening, look, please, look…And our Lord said:

"When you see all these things come to pass lift up your heads for your redemption is drawing near."

We just say: "Maranatha, so come Lord Jesus."

God bless you and be with you in Jesus' holy name. Amen.