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Internet Video Summary transcription - March 2014 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. 

As already for a number of years, we had our meetings and believers from all over Europe and different parts of the earth came to be with us with the desire to hear the Word of God. And we do appreciate so much, because the Lord has been so good to us, looking back to so many many years in the ministry, 62 years in the Message and sharing the true Word of God 52 years. And then, looking back to see, how God lead and kept us in His Word and also in reference to the very very special and important ministry of brother Branham, how the Lord showed us from the Holy Scriptures, what ministry should take place before the return of the Lord. It’s easy to speak about the Message and the messenger, but it’s by divine revelation that you come to understand and be able to place things in the Word of God, to know that brother Branham’s ministry was part of the Plan of Salvation in our days, as John the Baptist’s ministry was part of the Plan of Salvation, fulfillment of Bible prophecies at the first coming of Christ and now the fulfillment before the second coming of Christ.

 But even there we have to listen precisely to what the Scriptures says and also to the statements of brother Branham. We understand this is calling out time, preparation time, getting ready to meet the Lord, whenever He will come.   

And we understand, by the fulfillment of Bible prophecies that the return of our Lord is imminent. We look to Israel, we look to Jerusalem, we look to the negotiations which are taking place between Israel and those of Palestine and neighboring countries and then also about the Vatican and the negotiations even about Mont Sion, and the Temple Mountain comes into view. Beloved friends, we are not only in the End time, we are at the end of the End time. And then, we realize how the uniting of all the Christian Churches in the World Council of Churches and how they are invited to return and come back to the mother-church, to the Roman Catholic Church. Even, not long ago in Texas, how the bishop of the Anglican Church spoke to the Pentecostal ministers, showing to them that we are all Catholics and all should come back, speaking about justification, even mentioning that Elijah must first come and turn the hearts of the believers back to the Word. The things are so close one to another that “if it were possible even the elects would be deceived”, as our Lord said in Matthew chapter 24. But beloved, it is not possible because the elect now believe the promised Word of God for this day. The elect hear the Message of the hour. They believe in one God, Who manifested Himself as our Father in Heaven, on earth as Emmanuel in His only begotten Son, in the true believers by the Holy Ghost, not three individual persons, but one God, fulfilling His own promises and accomplishing His own Plan of Salvation. 

The same applies to Baptisms, not any formula like it has been using in all the Churches. They make the cross using a formula. Not a single time was that formula used in the Bible, not one time. And everybody since the day of Pentecost was baptized into the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ because that is the New Testament Covenant Name, in Which God revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Beloved, it is so important to believe every word of God and also to obey whatever the Lord said. So we understand, the ministry of brother Branham was to bring us back to the original foundation, back to the beginning, back to the teachings of the apostles. And we understand, there will be two unities: one under Christ, the Head of the Church, of the Church of the first born, of the Body of Christ, and then all the big World Council of Churches will unit under Rom. And if I say today that every doctrine was changed since the time of the first Council in 325 in Nicaea, that is when the foundation was laid for what later became the state-church in the Roman Empire, to which everyone from the year 381 had to belong, because that church became a state-church and everybody automatically had to belong to that state-church. But that state-church, which the foundation was laid 325 in Nicaea is not the Church of Jesus Christ. The foundation of the Church of Jesus Christ was laid by the apostles and prophets, where Jesus our Lord Himself is the Chief cornerstone. So, we don’t go back to Nicaea, not to the different councils, no, we go back to the very beginning. “Jesus Christ is alpha and omega, He is the first and the last”, but beloved, please understand: “No lie originates with the Truth”, so it is written in 1st John. And also, if you read in 2nd Thessalonians chapter 2: “because they did not receive the love for the truth, God sent them delusions”. You must have the love of God for the Lord and Savior, for the Word of God, you must appreciate what the Lord has given onto us. 

Beloved, as I know the Lord as my Savior, and I received a direct divine commission on April 2nd 1962, I have a direct responsibility to tell the whole earth that we are living just before the return of Christ. All of Bible prophecies are being fulfilled with Israel, with the nations, with the Church, with the falling away, with the manifestation of the man of sin, but also with the manifestation of the sons of God, which are now coming forth, believing every word of God. And the purpose for the Lord to send us a ministry like brother Branham had, was not to admire a great man of God, but come to understand the divine purpose connected to that God given ministry. It’s a promise for this day and I am always glad that I can say, I know the Lord since 1948, but I knew brother Branham since 1955. I knew him for ten years. I am an eye-witness, I am an ear-witness and he told me on June 12th 1958 in Dallas, Texas: “Brother Frank, you will return to Germany with this Message”. So, I am part of what God is doing right now. I am not only speaking about the Message, I am part of the restoration, I believe according to the Word of God. And I look back to these many years, having being visiting 157 countries, sharing the most important Message of the hour with God’s people. 

And I can only say, as our Lord did, He said two things: “They have ears and don’t ear, they have eyes and don’t see”. And then He turned to His disciples, whose eyes were open and said: “Blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear”. To which group do you belong? To the one, have ears? Don’t hear? Have eyes? Don’t see? All to the group “Blessed are your eyes, for they see, blessed are your ears, for they hear”. Blessed are your hearts because you believe the promised Word of God for this day. 

May the Lord bless you and be with you is my prayer in Jesus Holy Name, Amen.

Ewald Frank