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Internet Video Summary transcription - October 2013 / Ewald Frank

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, 

this is brother Frank speaking to you, from the international mission centre in Krefeld, Germany. May God bless you and be with you.

We do look back to a very special and blessed weekend. God’s people gathered from all over Europe and also from overseas to be with us in the meetings where between 800 and 900 people participated. It was just wonderful to share the precious and holy Word of God with those who had come.

From the sermons of brother Branham I emphasized one statement in a very, very special way. In the sermon Broken cisterns (26. 7. 1964) I am referring to page thirteen in that sermon, where brother Branham discussed with brother Lee Vayle what the actual sign would be, or is, that someone truly has received the Holy Spirit. And of course as we all know one says this, one says that. And brother Branham was convinced it was perfect love – perfect love and that is wonderful. But then something happened, he was shown a vision and in that vision, I read, what he said: „So I just held to that: If a man's got love. But one day the Lord in a vision straightened me out, and He said that the evidence of the Spirit was those who could receive the Word, neither love nor speaking in tongues, but those receiving the Word.“ This of course is a very strong statement and he continued and emphasized: „So there is a genuine evidence of the Holy Ghost. He's never told me anything wrong yet. That it is; the evidence of the Holy Ghost is he who can believe the Word of God, who can receive the Word of God.“ 

Beloved, I am in the kingdom of God since 1948 and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit in 1949. And as you know I ministered, I preached. In 1955 I met brother Branham. I was together with him for 10 years, having telephone conversations from Krefeld to Jeffersonville. And then of course, after brother Branham was taken to be with the Lord I had the great privilege to call people together in Jeffersonville and Lee Vayle was with the small group of brothers whom I called together in April 1966, right after the funeral of brother Branham, because at that time not a single sermon was printed. Not a single sermon of brother Branham was printed in April 1966. There were as everybody will know, there were a few books. This book was printed by Dr. Lee Vayle – Laodicean Church Age – and this booklet became the last chapter in the book called The Seven Church Ages. Word for word from the first to the last line written by Lee Vayle. And then of course, Twentieth Century Prophet was also written by Lee Vayle. 

And then, dear friends, when it really came to the matter, that the book was ready, the church age book was ready, in November 1965, then brother Branham was asked whether he read it. And then he says here in the sermon Running from the presence of the Lord brother Branham makes the statement: „I have never read it myself.“ Should I repeat what brother Branham said? „I have never read it myself.“ So beloved, I just have to say this, the time has come, the time has come, not to spare anybody, but to come out with the truth. 

Even in this book, The Seven Church Ages on page 322 it is put into the mouth of William Branham and I read what it says here: „So I repeat, I sincerely believe and maintain as a private student of the Word along with divine inspiration that 1977 ought to terminate the world systems and usher in the Millenium.“ This statement never, never, never came from the lips of William Branham! But anyway, anyway, people do not care about the truth. And especially if they can say: „I was together with the prophet and the prophet told me…“ Even this beloved brother who made the statement that brother Branham saw a calendar just flipping year by year and stopping at the year 1977. And just because he could say: „I was with the prophet“, people believed his story. But the story remains a story regardless who says it. And therefore, beloved, I must come out with the  truth. And as brother Branham made the statement – the true sign that you have received the true Holy Spirit is to believe and respect every Word of God the way it is written. If you put a single interpretation, you are confused, you do not have the Spirit of truth, you have the spirit of error. And therefore you will never put light and darkness together, no, never. 

And I was surprised, it is a week ago today, when I had my conversation with my beloved old friend brother Pearry Green and he spoke openly to me and said: „Brother Frank, I made a wrong decision in 1979.“ And then he came out twice with the statement: „I believe your call to be as true as the call the apostle Paul received on his way to Damascus.“ And even on last Friday we spoke again and he repeated the same words.„Brother Frank, continue, the Lord has called you.“ And again repeating: „I believe your call is just as true as the call Paul received on his way to Damascus.“ 

Beloved friends, I am not presenting myself, but I do have a direct call. A direct call. These ears, these ears have heard the actual all-commanding, penetrating voice of the Lord: „My servant, your time for this city will soon be over. I will send you to other cities to preach My Word.“ And as you know, brother Branham, God’s prophet, repeated word for word on December the 3rd 1962 what the Lord has spoken to me in the german language he repeated in the english language. And beloved, two witnesses, Fred Sothman and Banks Wood were sitting at the same table. I am not putting myself before you, no, but because of the divine call I do have a responsibility. And when you take a heed of Word of God you cannot believe a single interpretation. Whether it is about seven thunders or the seventh seal, third pull or whatever, whatever, whatever! If it is not in the Word of God, where are you standing? In imaginations? If there is no promise in this book, there is no fulfillment. And brother Branham was under such a great expectation that a final move of the Holy Spirit would become visible – the spoken word ministry. And he connected all these things to his own ministry. But the Lord will fulfill every promise whether Isaiah is here or Jeremiah or whether Paul or Branham is here. The Lord is here and He will fulfill every Word and He will complete His work of redemption as He completed the work of creation. Come out of all confusion! Come out of all interpretations! Come back to the Word of God! As the apostle Peter says here in 1st Peter chapter 1: „…being born again not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word!“ By the Word of God, Hallelujah! Not by stories, by the Word of God! The Word is the seed. Respect the Word of God, every Word! Every Word! Also Revelation 10, whatever it might be, please, if you do not respect every Word of God, that is a clear sign, that you do not have the true Holy Spirit. 

I read again what brother Branham said here: that anyone, anyone who has received the Holy Spirit will receive every Word of God and will believe every Word of God and not add anything to it as we find written in Revelation 22. 

So beloved brothers, the times has come to speak openly, to say the truth! The return of our Lord is imminent! Let the Word of God be true and every man’s word a lie. Let every Word be true and every interpretation be a lie regardless how flowerly you will present it. Heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word remains forever. And only if you remain in this Word you have eternal life and you have the proof that you have received the true Holy Spirit – believing every Word of God and having it revealed by the same Holy Spirit.

May the blessings of almighty God rest upon you in Jesus holy name. Amen.