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Internet Video Summary transcription - September 2013 / Ewald Frank

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, 

this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany.

We just look back to the most wonderful meetings, the presence of the Lord was with us and the precious Word of God was so graciously speaking to our hearts and the Holy Spirit revealing the truth to all of us. It was estimated that between 850 and 900 were gathered from all over Europe and also from some countries from overseas. 

We understand, by the grace of God and by the Word of God, that we are now living very, very close to the return of our blessed Lord and Saviour. Also the Scripture was read from 1st Peter chapter 4, from verse 7: “But the end of all things is at hand.“ You know this Scripture well and I believe never before could it be emphasized as today. We really see that things move towards the end, especially in Israel the negotiations between the Vatican and Jerusalem. For the 1st time on August 1st this year, in the Knesset, in Jerusalem, the flag of the Palestinians and the flag of Israel were together in the Knesset. Even there negations are moving, moving… and the main person said: “Now it will not take years anymore, it will only take months before we reach agreement and before we can announce ‘peace and safety’“. I could show to you a number of statements from the internet, where the two words “peace and safety” are written by politicians, by those who are negotiating for peace and safety. And the apostle Paul in 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 said: “When they will say: ’Peace and safety’, then sudden destruction will come upon them.” We do not want to use much of the time to speak about it, actually everyone is being informed by the daily news. 

What is upon my heart is this: That the Bride Church of Christ will be prepared for the return of the Bridegroom. Brother Branham said that the covenant will be made around the same time when the rapture takes place. My beloved brothers and sisters, please understand: Even the end-time is coming to an end. And we have to understand what our Lord has said a number of times: “When you see all these things come to pass, then you know, it is near, even at the door.” So we understand by the prophetic Scripture that things are moving towards that moment when the covenant is going to be made according to the prophet Daniel between the Vatican and Israel. 

Then, to emphasize what the apostle Peter was writing in 2nd Peter chapter 1, from verse 19, that “…we do have the more sure Word of prophecy” and then in verse 20: “Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” Please, may all ministering brethren take this to their hearts and to their mouth. No prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation. God made promises, God had His prophets to foretell what is going to take place and then the apostles were writing in the New Testament what will become part with the plan of Salvation. 

Now to another point, as we realize the situation in the Middle East and especially now around Syria. Things are moving and moving and, by the way, we should know this. If we look at this map, you see the river Euphrates, starting in Turkey, moving all the way down right to Basra, which means “paradise” and right to the Persian Gulf, Baghdad. And the Bible says in Revelation chapter 9, from verse 13 that the four judgment angels are bound at the river Euphrates. When the day, the year, the hour will be, then a third of humanity will be no more. So we understand even by the things which are now coming on the surface and the news are being shared with us. 

Beloved, in all directions, politically, spiritually, with Israel, with the Church, with the nations, we are at the end of the end-time. And to us who believe in the message of the hour, who believe that William Branham was the promised prophet for this day, commissioned to bring a message that would forerun the second coming of Christ, we have to take heed, to understand and to have things revealed by the Holy Spirit so that we are prepared. And only those who are part of the Bride will prepare for the Bridegroom, because they have the promise, they believe the promise: “I go to prepare the place, then I will return and take you to be where I am.” And then especially Mathew 25 verse 10: “They that were ready went into the marriage and the door was closed.” Are you preparing? Are you getting ready? Are you involved in discussions or are you ready to meet the Bridegroom? Wherever discussions go on, there is no revelation. If there is divine revelation, no discussion is needed any longer. 

Then another point, which is very important to me. There are some preachers in the message who preach that there is no more blood on the mercy seat, they say the Lamb has left the mercy seat. Beloved, this is the Arch of the Covenant and if you read in Exodus chapter 25, if you read in Leviticus 16 and on, you will know precisely where the Holiest of holies is. You will know Hebrews chapter 9, where our Lord as High Priest went with His blood to put the blood on the mercy seat. Here in the Arch of the Covenant was the Word God gave to Israel and then the blood was sprinkled on the mercy seat and Lord God spoke right from there. If anybody teaches that there is no more mercy, even that the angel of the covenant has come down, beloved, that is not true. As long as we live on Earth, we need the blood, we need forgiveness, we need reconciliation, we need the grace of God. And even after we are taken to glory, those who go through the great tribulation will wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb. Please understand, the Lord called me to preach His Word. I cannot stand one single wrong teaching. I cannot, I will not, I cannot. Any wrong teaching comes from the wrong spirit, is a wrong seed and anyone who is the wrong seed, who is he? He is not the right seed. The right seed is the Word of God and anyone believing any interpretation is the wrong seed. And there we see the difference. Please believe the Word of God as it is written and take it seriously. No Bible prophecy gives you a permission to give your own interpretation. 

Oh, may the grace of God at this crucial hour be with you, may you find your way back to God, back to the Word and may we all be prepared for the soon coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God bless you. I would like to see you when the Lord returns and we are taken up to meet Him in the air and be with Him at the marriage supper and forever.

God bless you and be with you in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.