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Internet Video Summary transcription - April 2013 / Ewald Frank

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. We wish you a very, very special time with the Lord and also divine revelation and understanding of His Holy Word.

As you understand, we are at a very, very important time in the history of mankind, and also in the history of the New Testament Church. We are that generation which sees all things fulfilled the Lord and the apostles have spoken about. And especially in reference to the great commission the Lord gave in our time, I think now about June 11, 1933, when from that supernatural cloud the words were addresses to William Branham: "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you are sent with the message that will forerun the second coming of Christ."

We just had great meetings with over one thousand people attending, from exactly 20 countries and then we learnt that also those who joined us online worldwide were over one thousand. My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is God's time for God's people to search the Word, the promises, to believe and line up with the Word and will of God as the return of our Lord is drawing very near.

In reference to the March circular letter, many have called and expressed their desire to be ready when the Lord returns as the Bridegroom. We showed from Matthew 25 that all the virgins heard the message, the last call, took the lamps, went out to meet the Bridegroom, and then the great disappointment for half of those who heard, who believed, who prepared, thought to be ready, but were not. And they were not wise, but foolish. What has happened? They were virgins, they heard the last message, they believed in the return of the Bridegroom, and yet they were not ready and they stood before the closed door. This is a fact that soon will be history, and usually I say to those who come from far and near to hear the Word of God that I believe the wise virgins stay in the Word and will of God, they will not interpret a single statement brother Branham made, they will not give their own opinion about Revelation 10, about seven thunders, about this or about that. They will believe the message, which is to return to the beginning, it is a message of restoration, bringing back to where the New Testament Church was at the very beginning, with all the ministries, all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the body of Christ functioning again by the grace of God. Now, you might understand my responsibility and just a few thought about my last trip in March, it was just wonderful to be in Venezuela to see what God is doing. And then, of course, very special to me, was the time in Lima, Peru. And I just would say thanks to our beloved brother Joe, to our beloved brother Pedro for the ministry and also for what is taking place - such a great number came to hear the Word of God, and also the interview and the short message on the TV station. Beloved brothers and sisters, may God bless you mightily.

And then also in Cuba where the Lord has opened the doors and the hearts of the people to receive the Word, the message of the hour. And then from Cuba to Toronto, to Montreal and then back. Exactly 42 hours just flying time, just in the air, 42 hours. But, by the grace of God, I look back and I believe the Word will accomplish what it was sent for. Now my stand before God is clear, I did not have to change one sermon, one doctrine, never in the past fifty and more years did I preach or teach or say anything that I had to take back, because I only say what I can preach and say from the Word of God. At the same time, I have to say, especially to all ministering brethren: why do you misunderstand the Scriptures? Why do you misplace brother Branham's statements? Why do you just take a choice of your statements which fit into your programme and you leave the rest? Why? Why don't you leave every sermon the way it was preached? There would not be a single misunderstanding if every sermon would have been left the way it was preached. But the "experts", those who thought to be the teachers of the message, who called you? When were you commissioned? My beloved brother, if you think everybody can do in the Kingdom of God as they wish, you are mistaken. You need a divine call, a divine commission to have a ministry in the body of Christ and in the Kingdom of God. Just imagine for one moment the apostle Paul would not have received a direct divine commission. Where would his authority be? What was the authority? It was the calling, the commission that he received. What would William Branham have to say if he could not have point to 1933, to 1946, to 1963, if he could not point to the supernatural things happening in his ministry, where would his authority be or come from? Where would I, brother Frank, just have any authority if I could not look back with the times I met brother Branham in person, it was also in June 11, 1958, when brother Branham said: "Brother Frank, you will return to Germany with this message." If I could not point to April 2, 1962, if I could not point to December 3, 1962 and the other times when I heard the direct voice of the Lord, confirmed by the prophet William Branham.

My beloved brothers, this is God's time for God's people. If you do not have a direct divine commission, you should take orientation by the grace of God and come back and then the message and the Holy Scripture would be the same. You would place everything brother Branham said into the Scripture, then you do not have two things, you have one thing - William Branham did not come to take as away from the Word and start a new religion. William Branham came by a divine commission, a promised prophet, to take us back from all interpretations and denominations, back to the Holy Word of God, which is the only authority. There is much more that I have to say and I am going to say it in due time. The return of our Lord is very, very near, this is our time to prepare. And as I mentioned Matthew 25, decide for yourself if you are a wise virgin, staying in the Word and will of God, or if you are foolish, led away with every strange doctrine. Eve was deceived. One word was enough... one word. And this brother Branham emphasised many times, it was just one word that was added and the whole thing changed. One word added to the Word of God. Brothers, you are in danger and if you are deceived, you are deceiving the people. Please, return to the Word of God, respect the ministries God has placed into the body of Christ. This is God's time for God's people.

God bless you and be with you in Jesus' holy name. Amen.