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Jesus Christus ist derselbe gestern, heute und in Ewigkeit. Heb.13.8


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Only believe the „Thus saith the Lord“ / Ewald Frank

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1. Foreword

The phenomenon of William Branham (1909-1965) is not only of exceptional interest in itself, but has no parallel in the modern world. Must we not ask ourselves the question, what in the eternal plan of God did He intend to accomplish by this man’s ministry?

In his person, Brother Branham was manifestly only a man- but a very lovable one. The anointing of the Spirit of God rested upon him. He had the THUS SAITH THE LORD, which God invariable vindicated with divine exactitude, as He did with His prophets of old. Under God, Brother Branham also exercised the same powers to heal the sick and raise the dead that Jesus, the Lord of Life, one gave to the apostles (Mt.10:1-8). Scores of thousands testify to healing from cancer, blindness, and all manner of diseases through his prayers.

But the ministry was by no means confined to that of healing the sick. He also brought a message for this end-time generation; a revelation to assist the Bride of Christ to make herself ready in these last days. I believe it is true to say that, since the days of the apostle, no man honoured the Lord Jesus more than did Brother Branham; be it through his consecrated life, his teaching or by his ministry. And when the Lord Himself vindicates in such a way, does a servant of the Lord need any human vindication?

This booklet of Brother Frank is therefore not an attempt to vindicate Brother Branham, but has been written to help truth seekers, especially those who want to place this man’s life and ministry in its correct perspective scripturally. The adversary, in his unceasing effort to undermine God’s purpose, has here, as elsewhere, tried to sow misunderstanding and confusion among God’s children.

It has been my privilege to know Brother Frank for many years. He is a minister, whose work has led him to all continents, in over 100 countries. Of all Europeans, he is probably the best qualified to write this book, as he new Brother Branham well and many times had intimate experience of his God-give ministry. At the same time he was, geographically speaking, sufficiently far from the focal point of America to be able to form a balanced and detached judgement regarding this ministry that should be of value to many others. May this report exposition be a blessing to many?

Prof. Dr. Leon Long

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