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Internet Video Summary transcription - June 2012 / Ewald Frank

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. We just praise God for these special meetings we had and we just say this to the glory of God: people from all over Europe, from various countries outside this continent were present, people are driving 1,650 kilometres to be with us during such meetings.

And we have to say also to the glory of God, the Word becomes more precious all the time and also the revelation the Lord God has given to us by the opening of the seven seals. We are acquainted with the ministry of brother Branham, we are acquainted with the promised Word of God for this day, but now we have part in what God is doing right now. And those who know brother Branham’s commission will fully understand he was told on May 7, 1946, that he will receive the gift of divine healing to take this gift to the nations of the earth. And with this special gift of healing he drew the attention to the Word of God revealed to him. But then, already in 1933, brother Branham was told: “The message given to you will forerun the second coming of Christ.”

First a divine commission confirmed by God in different nations, wherever brother Branham preached, and then the opening of the seven seals, leading us right into the Holiest of Holies where God revealed His Word. And we can truthfully say the Arch of the Covenant was opened. During our meetings we shared especially Leviticus 14 and 17, showing that everything had to be under the blood and also anointed with oil.

And brothers and sisters, brother Branham spoke about the token, there are two special sermons he preached on that subject – the token. In the days of Moses, the token was the blood and before the blood could be put on the doors, then the lamb had to be slain first, the sacrifice had to be first, so they would have the blood to be put left and right and above the entrance to the house. And the Lord said: “When I see the token, I will spare you, nothing will happen to you.” The firstborn were spared.

Beloved brothers and sisters, if we read in Leviticus 14, there is something very, very special. The sacrifice had to be brought to the God-ordained place. No one could sacrifice anywhere he wished, but God had a divine order - what, where and when it should be done. And then, when this sacrifice was done, the blood, you can read it in Leviticus 14, especially in verse 14, the priest had to take the blood and put it on the right ear, right here the priest had to put the blood, the priest had to put the blood right here, on the thumb of the right hand, the priest had to put the blood on the right toe of the right foot, so the whole body was placed under the shed blood, under the sacrifice, and then, from top to bottom, the whole body was not only sacrificed, that means becoming a sacrifice unto the Lord, you do not belong to yourself anymore, the Lord purchased you, you belong to Him. If we are under the blood, we are not ourselves anymore in the spirit, but our ear, our hand, our foot, everything that we are, we hear what the Spirit has to say unto the churches, we do what the Word of God says, we walk in the ways of the Word of God. And then, if you read on, in the same chapter, in verse 28, the same ear, the same thumb, the same toe had to be anointed… and that was the token, that was the sign that this person is redeemed and this person is dedicated to God Almighty, the same body that was redeemed was now placed under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Brothers and sisters, we do well to take heed what the Spirit has to say unto us. Not only lip confession, saying I have the token, I believe the Word, I have the anointing, please, please, slowly, come back to the Word of God, examine yourself whether it is just a lip confession, or whether it is a reality: Are you a true child of God? Is your life under the blood? Have you received the anointing of the Holy Spirit? Are you baptised with the Holy Spirit as they were on the day of Pentecost? And then, beloved, when you read in Leviticus, chapter 17, how the Lord gave the command that no one could bring a sacrifice anywhere he wished, but had to come to the place God ordained. And then even those who did not come to the entrance of the Holiest of Holies, they remained under a curse, even if they brought a sacrifice. This is very important. All things must be done according to the Word of God. If it is not according to the Word of God, it is not in the will of God. Please, read Leviticus 17 prayerfully, and ask the Lord to speak to you, to show to you what we find in Hebrews, in the thirteen chapters of Hebrews, how the men of God showed from the Old Testament, how Christ was the anointed one, how He as high priest went into the Holiest of Holies and how He gave the promise and repeated it, as John the Baptist said: “I baptise you in water and you shall be baptised with the Holy Spirit.” Please understand, those who are under the blood must be anointed, they must be consecrated to God Almighty, only then we become a temple of the Living God, only then the power of God can be manifested.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I am one who is most grateful for what God has done in our time. As you know, I knew brother Branham for ten years, I am an eye-witness and ear-witness of his ministry and I am grateful to Almighty God that there is no misunderstanding with brother Frank and the message of the hour, there is no misunderstanding with brother Frank and what the Scripture says. By the grace of God, there is a total harmony with the Scripture and with the message of the hour and with the ministry God has granted unto me that I have taken, according to the commission of the Lord, into all the nations of the earth. We had a wonderful weekend, almost a thousand people were gathered, many were baptised and the Lord had His way.

May God bless you wherever you are and be with you. The coming of the Lord is at hand. Maranatha, the Lord is coming. God bless you in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.