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Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Heb.13.8


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Internet Video Summary transcription - June 2011 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. We just had great meetings, about 900 people gathered from all over Europe and even different parts of Africa. The Lord surely was in our midst, revealing His precious Word, and we did mainly speak about Mathew 24, about the signs of the end-time, about the return of Christ. And friends, then something struck me. All of a sudden I was reminded on Mathew 25:1: “Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened to ten virgins.” The word “then” touched my heart.

When we read all the things our Lord spoke about in Mathew 24, when all these things come to fulfilment, when a nation will be against a nation, false prophets would rise, when people would say “Christ is here and Christ is there”, and when the gospel of the kingdom would be preached to all nations, and when the faithful servant together with all the other servants would share the spiritual food, when all these things would come to pass, then, then, not before, then the kingdom of heaven will be likened unto ten virgins. At that time, when all these predictions come to pass, whether they are in Mathew 24, in Mark 13, in Luke 21, when all these things come to pass, then the kingdom of heaven will be likened unto ten virgins. And brothers and sisters, let us face reality, this is the time, this is the time.

We can say with divine authority, this day this Scripture is fulfilled before us. The God of Heaven has sent His servant and prophet William Branham to bring all these things to our attention. And friends, the message of the hour is the promised Word of God for this day. And by the grace of God, I need to say a few things today, not to justify a calling; God has done this through the past 49 years. And whenever God speaks or when He gives a call, He confirms His Word. But let me say this in love – if someone cannot believe, they will not even believe if somebody would rise from the dead. You have to decide whether you are going to believe or not. It is your personal decision.

A beloved brother from South Africa asked me to send him the 21 letters of my correspondence with William Branham to show to brethren who are not with us, who do to respect the ministry God gave for this time. Why should I send all these letters? Here they are. 21 letters. But am I to take these letters, which are personal letters of my correspondence with brother Branham, from 1958 to 1965, do I have to speak for myself, do I have to call William Branham as a witness? My beloved friends, let me say this, by the grace of God, I knew brother Branham for ten years and from the first service I recognised that he is a man sent from God. And of course, being connected to him and to his ministry right to the very end, every sermon he preached in the USA was sent to me in Germany, I grew spiritually under his ministry. Even after I met brother Branham in December 1962, the German edition of the Voice of Healing gave the report on the first page – an extraordinary experience. Here is my photo, here it says: “A visit with William Branham”, here it says “April 2nd”, here it says “The spiritual famine”. But do I have to publish this to convince anybody? No, I do not think so. I, for myself, did the following. When brother Branham spoke about this picture hanging in the Hall of Art in Washington D.C., I, brother Frank, took a trip and I searched the whole morning and finally I found the place, the Hall of Art. I went into that place, I saw this picture in Washington D.C. and held it in my hands. Then, if you go even to the Life magazine or if you go to the Science magazine, I took all these documents with me from the United States to confirm what God’s prophet William Branham spoke about and testified, even about this great event on February 28, 1963.

Dear friends, I am only mentioning these things, William Branham did not need to go and say: please, would you recognise me and my ministry. I do not need to beg you, but if you are born of God, if God’s life is in you, if you recognise that Mathew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 is now being fulfilled. And three times our Lord said: “...when you see all these things come to pass, then look up for your redemption is drawing near.” And then, to make the final point, after our Lord spoke about all these things, in chapter 24 He made the glorious statement – “then… (when all these things come to pass), then the kingdom of heaven…” And that time is now and this time is going to end. The last call is going out to the ends of the earth and we believe the true report of what was said on June 11, 1963: “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message given to you will forerun the second coming of Christ.” God used His servant and prophet to reveal all the mysteries of the Word in the kingdom of God, even the seven seals, there is nothing that could and should be revealed, all things are revealed. But what we have to understand now is this: then, when all these things come to pass, then the kingdom of God is likened to ten virgins. What do you believe? Where do you stand? Where does the Scripture place you? Have you heard the call “Behold, the bridegroom cometh”? Have you filled your lamps? Do you have the extra oil? My beloved brothers and sisters, this is the most important and the most serious time in the history of the New Testament church.

Please, do not miss the day of your visitation. Please understand when all these things come to pass and they are coming to pass. Whoever has eyes to see would see them, then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened to ten virgins. Where do you stand? May the Lord God bless you, may you believe and have part in what God is doing right now, so that verse 10 in Mathew 25 can be fulfilled: “...they that were ready went into the marriage and the door was closed.” Be ready, be ready for the return of the Bridegroom to take the Bride home. It is very near; it is imminent.

May the blessing of Almighty God rest upon you all in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.