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Internet Video Summary transcription - April 2011 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved friends in Christ, brothers and sisters, and especially you, ministering brethren who are serving the Lord in these last moments of the time of grace, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany.

We are just overwhelmed about the things we have seen God doing within these last few days. People from over twenty countries gathered and almost one thousand people were here to share with us the precious Word of God. And friends, even those who joined us worldwide, the number was 796 from all the countries on earth joining us. At this time we have 88 countries joining us on every first weekend in a month to hear the precious Word of God.

And I can say this before God Almighty, I never, never preached any interpretation, I just preached the Word of God as it is written in the Holy Scriptures. And because this was April 2nd, I was reminded on April 2nd 1962, which was a Monday morning, when the Lord with a tremendous, all-penetrating, all-commanding voice spoke to me, audibly, not in my spirit, not in my soul, but with these ears, I heard His voice: “My servant, your time for this city will soon be over, I will send you to other cities to preach my Word.” Most of you know my testimony which was confirmed by brother Branham on December 3, 1962, in the presence of Fred Sothman and Banks Woods. And beloved, because my ministry is directly connected to brother Branham’s ministry, I have to be honest, I have to be truthful and I say this with the responsibility that I do have before God. There is no contradiction between the message and the Bible, but there are many, many misunderstandings by brothers who do not know the Scripture, who do not know the message, and, to be honest, who do not know the Lord by divine revelation. And they come up with different interpretations, using brother Branham’s words or even making the statements something else.

And friends, this bothers me very much. Brother Branham did not take us away from the Word of God, he brought us back to the Word of God and because I was acquainted with brother Branham and his ministry ten years during his lifetime, from 1955 to 1965, I even was together with him before the opening of the seven seals, I followed his ministry since 1955, but since 1958 I received every sermon he preached in the USA three weeks later in Germany. So I grew under his ministry through all these years, knowing precisely step after step in his ministry. And then, as I mentioned, because of the direct call, my ministry is part of the ministry God gave to brother Branham. He was the promised prophet, I am no prophet, but I am a servant of the Most High. And just as the prophets of the Old Testament said what would come, the apostles of the New Testament could place every word the prophets had foretold in the right connection to the plan of salvation. And I am overwhelmed to know that we do have 845 times in the New Testament making reference to the Old Testament and 333 in the New Testament we have reference to the promises about the Lord and about salvation from the Old Testament. There is a total harmony between the Old and New Testament. And there is a total harmony between the message of the hour and the Old and the New Testament.

But if there are different teachings brought in, you hardly hear about one, the next is coming and the next...and everybody says: “the prophet said” and nobody goes back to the Bible to confirm with the Word of God what the Lord said and there are the misunderstandings coming up. Even to what brother Branham was told on June 11, 1933, and I wrote it into my Bible on February 10, 1960, in San Juan, Porto Rico: “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message given you will be a forerunner of the second coming of Christ.” If you go to the statements which are being published from the USA, even written into the door of the home in Tucson, the word “message” is missing, you only find the words: “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming, you are sent to forerun the second coming.” Period.

And friends, please… please, understand, this is a terrible falsification, this is a lie. Not only William Branham was sent, but William Branham was sent with a message and William Branham was taken to glory on December 24, 1965. And only after he was taken to glory, the message given to him is being taken to the countries of the earth, to all nations. As I stated some time before, brother Branham on his seven trips in his lifetime visited 12 countries and in every country he had evangelistic meetings. But since the opening of the seven seals, the message of the hour was given to the church of the Living God. And then, I could go into detail, but just to say a few words about the time we are living in, all the signs show unto us that the return of our Lord is imminent. We think about Japan, we think about all the other earthquakes, about all the Bible prophecies which are coming to pass. The earth is being shaken, there are birth pains all over the earth. And very soon in an earthquake, the San Andreas fault will split off and Los Angeles and Hollywood will be no more. And brother Branham predicted that this would happen before the return of Christ.

So friends, we are not only in the end-time, we are at the end of the end-time. May the God of Heaven have His way, may His Word be the light on our path. I say this in love, whether it is Mathew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 or the Old Testament prophecies about Israel, about all the things which are now happening, they all are coming to fulfilment. Therefore, we must look up, we must look up for our redemption is drawing near. And Revelation 19:7 must be fulfilled: “…and His bride has made herself ready…” This is the calling-out time, preparation time, separation time, restoration time.

May God have His way with His people all over the earth. God bless you and be with you in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.