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Ježiš Kristus je ten istý včera, dnes a na veky. Žid.13.8


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Internet Summary - english - May 2007 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. We look back to a most wonderful weekend again, people were here from many nations, from Europe and also from Africa, from the USA. We are just grateful to Almighty God for He has sent a famine to hear His words.

And by God’s grace, the decision is forever to stay with the original Word of God. It is not only an expression to me, it is reality, heaven and earth shall pass away but God’s Word remains forever. And if that Word remains in you, you remain with that Word forever, it is the seed, the divine seed placed into your soul. That, of course, brings the decision with it that we have to reject any interpretation. And we shall never apologize for it. In every interpretation of any scripture the enemy is putting forth his thoughts, his opinion, and that we simply do not wish to have.

The calling the dear Lord gave me on April 10, 1962, just at the dawning of a new day is “My servant, you time for this city will soon be over, I will send to other cities to preach my Word.” This divine commission brings a tremendous responsibility with it.

We know, throughout the Old Testament, God called his servants and prophets directly with an audible voice, we know about John the Baptist, a promised prophet, the commission given to him, we know about the apostles, and especially about the apostle Peter, who were used of God, and he the first spokesman at the day of Pentecost, bringing the first message, the foundation was laid, the baptism and everything was preached.

Then we understand the apostle Paul, having received a direct commission from the Lord, hearing His voice, in the Hebrew language, as I heard the same voice in the German language, and as you might know, my ministry is connected directly to bro. Branham’s ministry. Beloved, I do not wish to go into these details, but I believe with all my heart that William Branham was the promised prophet according to Malachi, chapter 4. I believe our Lord confirmed this prophet in Mathew 17:11 when He said: “Truly Elias shall first come, and restore all things”, also confirmed in Mark 9:12. This I respect for ever and believe with all my heart.

What I do not believe and do not respect are the many doctrines and interpretations and fractions within the message of the hour. I believe a prophet was sent to restore us. Back to the original Word, to the original teachings, not going beyond the Word, not a single time. Always what does the Scripture say? That is the questions and the Word of God itself is the answer. So my ministry has been especially since bro. Branham left the earth and went to glory, around the word, doing two things: preaching from the Bible the Word of God, at the same time, referring to bro. Branham’s ministry and sermons, sharing his preachings with as many people as possible without a single interpretation. And therefore, according to the divine commission, I must say that God is only responsible for His Word and for the promises given in God’s Word. I cannot go into detail about the things which different brethren expect, right to the resurrection of the prophet and so forth. I do not want to waste any more time. It is my decision to leave all these things and concentrate on preaching the original Word of God.

We look back, as I said, to a weekend when over 850 people were gathered from all the nations and the sermons were translated into 12 different languages, 7 of them could be heard all over the earth by the Internet.

Beloved brothers and sisters, the coming of the Lord is very, very near and, looking upon the situation in one way, we look especially toward the Near East, towards Israel, towards Jerusalem, to understand about the negotiations, about the peace process. I do not want to go into detail.

At the same time we understand that many have departed from the truth, believing their own interpretations, bringing splits and splits, and we see the bride being divided. And beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, the time has come to take your stand on God’s Holy Word and only believe what and as the Scripture says. Then, we have to suffer also because, preaching the truth, those who are in error will not receive us. And that reminds me on the Epistle of John, writing in his third epistle, verse 9, “I wrote unto the church: but Diotrephes, who loveth to have the preeminence among them, receiveth us not.” Just imagine for one moment, the beloved disciple John, being so close to the Lord, having had the privilege and commission to be on the Isle of Pathmos, to receive the final revelation of Jesus Christ, right in the 22 chapters, and such a man of God is not received because one man wanted to be the main person in a local church. Closing the door to the apostle chosen as I said to be the beloved disciple and then to be on the Isle of Pathmos to receive the final revelation of Jesus Christ and all that is going to happen until time moves into eternity. This one man in that local church, who has the pre-eminence, just thinking he is the ruler of that church, closing the door to a man of God.

Beloved, it hurts, it hurts to see closed doors. And those who close their doors are actually guilty that the truth cannot enter into that church anymore. And then the Scripture is fulfilled the Lord stands at the door and knocks – and whosoever shall hear that knocking and shall believe, that where the Lord will enter again.

Beloved, may the dear Lord bless you and be with you all over the earth, in every country, every city, every tribe. The coming of the Lord is near, do not close you door, do not close your hearts to the true Word of God, to the message of the hour, which includes the whole counsel of God with every promise therein.

God bless you and be with you. I would like to hear from your. Stay blessed in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.