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Internet Video Summary transcription - April 2016 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary April 2016

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany. We just praise God for the meetings we had on this past weekend. Believers came from all over Europe, from the USA, from different countries in Africa and the Lord has blessed us again and His precious Word will never return void, but it will accomplish what it was sent for.  

As all know, the return of Christ, the second coming of our Lord is the main subject that we are preaching about and our preparation to be ready when He returns – to meet Him, as the Scripture says, in the air and then be with Him for ever and ever. 

In 1 John 2nd chapter in verse 28 we read: 

"And now, little children, abide in Him that when He shall appear we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming."

About the coming of our Lord which we speak about – the second coming of Christ – there are many different comings, but for the believers the second coming of Christ, the return of Christ, as He promised in John chapter 14: "I go to prepare the place then I will return." I will return! "…and take you to where I am." And according to the Scripture, be it Luke 24 or Acts chapter 1, our Lord went to glory in His body, in His resurrected body and according to Luke 24:50 and 51 He even raised His hands blessing the disciples and before their eyes He was taken to glory. And then the promise in Acts chapter 1 verse 9-11: "The same Jesus that was taken from you into heaven will come in the same way." Glory be to God Almighty! He will come in the same way. He went up bodily, he will return bodily and every other teaching is not according to the Scripture. 

But then we have the promise that before He returns, there would be a message to call God's people out and back to the Word of God and therefore we have to understand the ministry of brother Branham. It was the fulfillment of Malachi chapter 4. The Lord Himself said: "I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord would be." So at the end of the time of grace, at the end of the day of salvation, before the day of the Lord would be, God made the promise to send someone like Elijah to bring us back to the Word, back to the beginning, back to the old foundation laid by the apostates and prophets.

And so, beloved, we understand the commission brother Branham received on June 11th, 1933, and it also reminds me of the direct call to the ministry on April 2nd, 1962. When I first met brother Branham – that was 60 years ago – at that time I was 22 and now, 60 years later, I'm 82. But by the grace of God from the first meeting I was somehow united in spirit and Word, recognizing by the grace of God in the first service that this is a man sent from God. And through all the years I've been in contact with brother Branham. Even the 23 letters, the phone calls, the visits I made… and I'm just grateful to the Lord for connecting the ministries together. 

And beloved, I just like to show you something today which has broken my heart many times in the past 50 years. And here – I have it written in my Bible what brother Branham was actually, word for word, was told and repeated. And as you can see – that from here where I underlined – and then compare – what is written here and what is written below. Here is what brother Branham repeated what he heard from the supernatural light and here is what you find in many books published to give their own interpretations. 

And I read – not that whole text but only that which pertains directly to the commission brother Branham received. 

"As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message that is given you will be a forerunning of the second coming of Christ. Not that I would be the forerunner, but the message was the forerunner."

10th February 1960. 18 times Brother Branham repeated precisely the words spoken to him when he received the divine commission. And then you find the very short text not containing the word message at all. I read it to you: "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of the Lord, so are you sent to forerun His second coming." Acts of the prophet, page 154. And this is criminal! This is deadly! This I don't understand! How many times did the brother Branham say: "If you add one word… If you take one word away… If you change one word… your part will be taken from the book of life!" And here the change was made. Can you imagine how I feel? I spent 50 years in the ministry. And by the grace of God I not only heard the tremendous all-penetrating and commanding voice of the Lord for the first time on April 2nd, 1962, when the Lord Himself said: "My servant, your time for this city will soon be over. I will send you to other cities to preach My Word." Not to go into details, but William Branham, God's prophet for our age, on December 3rd repeated the words in the English language the Lord had spoken to me in the German language. And then he said: "Brother Frank, you misunderstood. You thought there would be a natural famine and you stored in natural food, but God will send the famine to hear His words and the food you are to put in store is the promised Word of God for this day." 

Beloved, I am not telling stories! I don't come from Texas! I tell you the truth! And brother Branham even said: "Brother Frank, wait with the giving out of the food until you get the rest of the food." 

So through all the years, through the fifties and up to the last sermon preached on December 12th, 1965 every sermon brother Branham preached was sent to my in Germany. Three weeks later I had the sermon and I heard the preachings not only once, but straightway twice. So I was acquainted with brother Branham's ministry since 1955, heard every sermon he preached and then visited with him and was in his meetings in Germany and in the USA. 

And then the forgery here, I read it again: "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of the Lord so are you sent to forerun the second coming." And beloved, now we have the tragedy – everybody is waiting for William Branham to return. And I say this with a broken heart: even our beloved brother was putting things in his book that when the earthquake takes place the resurrection will be, the tent ministry will be, the third pull will be, the seven thunders will be… He said, he said so many things, but what does the Bible say? All things pertaining to brother Branham's ministry – whether it's tent ministry, third pull, whatever, seven thunders, whatever, whatever… everything that pertains to brother Branham's ministry leave it, please! Leave it between God and William Branham! And preach the Word of God and let the Lord take care of the rest. But here is the main subject: Because of this statement, that brother Branham foreran the second coming of the Lord, they say brother Frank has no right to claim that he had a direct call and commission, because everything is just finished with brother Branham or is in the future. Let me say this in love: In the past 50 years we spread the Word of God, the promised Word, the message of the hour, we acquainted all the earth, not only one or two countries, but all the countries on earth. Even if I only visited 155 countries personally, but the Word of God went on to the rest of the countries and all over the Earth God’s people know about the commission William Branham received. They also respect that he was told: "The message given to you will be the forerunning of the second coming…" So that is the truth and everything else is a lie! God has taken the messenger, but the message remains with us! And the message is the Word of God, not all the different teachings which are now going on about seven thunders and this and that! Forget it! Come back to the Word of God and believe Jesus Christ and believe what brother Branham said: "Not that I would forerun…" This is what he said! Why don't you respect?! Why don't you respect what the prophet said?! Are you continuing with your own thoughts and ideas or will God grant you the grace to return and to search and to see and to believe what was actually said? 

Beloved, the return of Christ, the second coming of Christ is so very very near. All Scripture is being fulfilled – with Israel and the nations – it's at the door, it's at the door. Please, don't waste any time, make use of the time, recognize that God has taken His servant and prophet, but all the message he brought to us is now being shared with all the nations and God's people from every country and nation believe the promised Word of God for this day.

May the Lord bless you and be with you is my prayer in Jesus' holy name. Amen.