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The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - TV series - No.48 / Ewald Frank

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Dear friends, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is Brother Frank speaking to you from the international Mission Center in Krefeld / Germany. It’s always a privilege for me to share God’s Word with the true believers all over the earth. We call this ministry “Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry” and you have a right to check all things with the Word of God. You can apply Revelation chapter 2, verse 2: “You tried those who claimed to be apostles and you found them to be liars.” Beloved, we have to acknowledge that there are so many interpretations of God’s holy Word and therefore we have to emphasise the necessity to just say what God says in His Word. Remembering what the apostle Peter was writing: No Bible prophecy is of any private interpretation. Remembering what the apostle Paul was stating it was given to him to proclaim the whole counsel of God even the deep things revealed by the Holy Spirit as he refers to in I Corinthians chapter 2.

Beloved, we do live in a prophetic age, we live at the end of the end time. Bible prophecies are being fulfilled and actually every day news reaches us from all over the world. Especially from Israel and the Near and the Middle East. Things are just happening and people shake their heads because of what actually is taking place.

Beloved, as I already stated it’s absolutely necessary to recognize the day we are living in, to come to know the message addressed to God’s people at this time, to realize that the New Testament began with an introduction to the LORD by a prophetic ministry. In the same way we understand there is a promise to be kept and God always watches over His Word to keep what He promised and when the time of fulfilment comes the realization of the prophetic scripture takes place but God has to open our eyes for it. For instance if we read the prophet Daniel He was shown things pertaining to the end time as written in Daniel chapter 2, verse 28:”But there is a God in heaven who revealeth secrets” and then to show what is going to happen in the latter days. Then in verse 40 we read about the last, the fourth kingdom which would be on earth just before the LORD of glory the King of kings would establish His kingdom on earth, the antichrist would establish his kingdom to reign and to rule all over the earth and therefore it says here in Daniel chapter 2, verse 40: “And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron for as much as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things” so this last kingdom will subdue and break and bruise wherever it can. And because it’s a worldwide kingdom it will take care of the whole earth wherever the need should arise.

Beloved, we can go to chapter 7 in the prophet Daniel and read about the things which would be at the end of the end time. Daniel 7, verse 2 and 3, the prophet saw the four winds moving thru the great sea and then it says in verse 3:”And four great beasts came out from the sea diverse one from another”. And the description continues right to the fourth beast which we are actually more interested in than the first three. It says in verse 23:”Thus he said the fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon the earth which shall be diverse from all the other kingdoms and shall devour the whole earth.”

Beloved, I just read these few passages from the Old Testament so you will come to know from the New Testament the significance thereof. Then about the main person in this last kingdom wherein political power, religious power is being united, we read in Daniel chapter 8, verse 25:”And the policy he has to cause deceit will prosper in his hand and he shall magnify himself in his heart and by peace shall destroy many.” If you take this scripture to I Thessalonians chapter 5, the day of the LORD would not be unless the peace would be declared: ”When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction will come upon the earth.”

Beloved, the peace process is on the move in spite of all the things of all the wars and terrorist activities, the peace process in on the agenda and every day we hear thru the news about the things concerning the peace process.

Beloved, the ministry the LORD gave to me is to include the full gospel, to include the message of grace, the message of restoration of all things to include the true apostolic teachings but also the prophetic part of the scriptures. The most important is that we should know that God was in Christ reconciling the world with Himself. We should know that the lamb of God shed His blood on the cross of Calvary to redeem us and as already in the days of Moses when the lamb was slain and the blood was applied at the doors the LORD God said:” When I see the blood I will pass over you.” The New Covenant was made and the lamb of God shed His blood and we are under the blood of the New Covenant having received the forgiveness of all our sins having received Jesus Christ as our personal Saviour and having had the personal experience of salvation where the Holy Spirit testifies to our Spirit that we passed from death unto life that really Christ lives in us the hope of glory.

At the same time we understand the message of the hour. If you read Revelation chapter 2 and 3 there are seven messages addressed to the seven churches and at the end of everyone we read:” Whosoever has an ear let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches.” And the Spirit of course will always go back to the Word of God and say what the Word already says.

Beloved, coming to the point. We must have a look into church history, we must see the falling away from the original teachings and practices of apostolic times.

Beloved, you can go right thru the history and it’s not a secret but you can have books and books giving the precise day and the precise councils and decisions and everything that was made. But let me say right here: Every decision that certain councils have taken at certain times do not exist at all for a true Bible believing child of God. For us, everything that God had to say and decide is right in this book. I therefore cannot go back to what Atanasius said or Tertullian said or Hyronimus said. I cannot go back to what was decided in 380 or 381 when the council decided that there is a triunity. Up to that time humanity had never heard about a triunity. Throughout all the Old Testament most certainly over six thousand times in the Holy Scriptures we read about one God, the LORD God, the LORD God right thru the Old Testament. There was nothing said about somebody addressing the Father or the Son or the Holy Ghost. Thru the four thousand years of the Old Testament it was only the LORD God, Elohim Jahwe over 6000 times. In the New Testament the One that we know as Elohim as God in Old Testament manifested Himself as our Father in heaven and as He manifested Himself as LORD, Jahwe in the visible form of appearance walking in the garden of Eden creating Adam in His own image, so the same God besides there is no other manifested Himself for our sake to redeem us as Father in Son who is the LORD of glory. And therefore we acknowledge the only true God having manifested Himself in Jesus Christ the Son, so we were brought back again into our relationship with the Almighty. And as the Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary giving the promise to her, so Psalms 2, verse 7 would be fulfilled:” Thou art my Son, today have I begotten thee.” The Son was not born in eternity by the Father, the Son was born in Bethlehem. That is what the scripture teaches. That’s how I believe it and that’s the way all true children of God believe it. We have to go back to the Old and the New Testament and see first the promises and then how the promises were made a reality. Coming to the time we are living in. I’ve written a small book about the twenty two chapters of Revelation. And every chapter was dealt with. Today I’m looking at chapter 13 in the book of Revelation. Beloved, it is so important to know the Bible prophecies by divine revelation. If we read in the prophet Daniel about a beast or four beasts, four kingdoms. Then we go to the New Testament, we read about the beast coming out from the sea, seven heads, ten horns. So we understand it’s a world power coming into existence at the end of time. And then if we read in Revelation 17 about the whore riding on this beast then we understand by divined revelation that the religious, the spiritual power is riding the political the worldly power having the reins in her hands directing the whole thing. And then John was astonished when he saw this picture about the whore riding this beast. Blasphemous names were the decoration of it but still religious and then the whole thing is called Babylon the Great, the mother of all the harlots. Do you need any revelation or explanation for such a picture. No it’s very clear within itself. There is one mother church and all the others are the daughter churches and now they are all invited to return to the mother so that there would be one church again as it was since the 9th and 10th century.

Beloved, we have to see these things and then understand the call:” Ye my people come out from among them and be separate says the LORD, then I will receive you and you shall be my sons and my daughters and I will be your God.”

Beloved, this is the calling out time. This is the time to line up with the Word of God, to return to the apostolic teachings and practices to come out of Babylon all the way. Since the reformation there was revival after revival and in each revival the movement came closer to the scriptures and closer to the Word of God. And hundred years ago the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place what is know as the Pentecostal movement, had it’s beginning in Los Angeles and other parts of the earth on all the continents.

But beloved, after World War II the LORD sent a dynamic ministry thru William Branham. It’s not the person, it’s God using human lips. God always had prophets and servants throughout the Old Testament and also throughout the New Testament.

Beloved, since 1955 to 1965 I knew Brother Branham, I was in his meetings in Europe and in the USA and I came to know about his calling and I’m not lying I’m telling you the truth. This man as Moses as the prophets had a divine call. Just like the apostle Paul who first is known as Saul of Tarsus but then at midday saw a light that was shining brighter than the sun and he heard that he was called and commissioned to go to the Gentiles.

Beloved, the same happened to Brother Branham. He was called just around midday on June 11th. Maybe you don’t want to hear this but June 11th 1933 was a special day in the course of the New Testament Church. And the LORD called him and told him:” As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you are sent with a message that will forerun the second coming of Christ.”

Beloved this is the calling out time, the preparation time. And in chapter 13 of this book I made six statements taken from the chapters of Revelation about the last world power. In Revelation 13, verse 15 we are told about the image of the beast. In Revelation 13, verse 18 we are told about the number of the beast. In Revelation 13:17 we are told the number and about the name of the beast. In Revelation 16, verse 2 we are told about the mark of the beast. In Revelation 14:11 we are told about the name and the mark of the beast.

Beloved, and then you have to take all these together and you come to the number 666. It’s not a mystery anymore. It’s all revealed. Let me summarise within a few moments what we try to convey to you. In this Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry we wish to share with the precious Word of God, the fundamental teachings about God, not a Jesus Only teaching, not a trinity teaching but the true Bible teaching. God was in Christ and reconciled the world to Himself. We see and recognize all the different manifestations and revelations of God for one great purpose that we forever should be with Him.

Beloved, I wished that I could be of service to you in the Name of the LORD. I wished that you would understand the urgency of the hour. Maybe I’m too loud for you but friends I’m grieved in my spirit. There is just something within me because it seems like the whole world especially the religious world is bewitched and nobody can decide right for themselves anymore unless God is with you. And this is my desire that you would come to understand. This is God’s time for God’s people to know God’s Word by divine revelation and to line up with it. May the grace of God be with in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ. Amen.