Freie Volksmission Krefeld r.y.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Heb.13.8


The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - TV series - No.47 / Ewald Frank

Kieli Englanti

Dear friends, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is Brother Frank speaking to you from the Mission Center in Krefeld / Germany. It’s always a privilege for me to share God’s Word with you.

We do call this ministry “Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry”. In every way we do go back to the Word of God and only say what the Holy Scripture says. We do not interpret God’s Word. We just leave it the way it is. And every Word of God must be revealed in its true sense. We don’t understand it in the natural way. We need the inspiration and revelation of the Holy Spirit.

I believe all know that God’s Word was and is being interpreted in so many many different ways. Every church, every denomination all Bible schools, all seminars, all explain God’ Word in different ways. The time has come to take God’s Word as the original seed into our heart. If you read Luke chapter 8, verse 11 our LORD says here: ”The seed is the Word of God.” Every seed brings forth after its own kind. Beloved, if God’s original Word is the true seed then we have to understand the importance of receiving God’s original Word into our heart. As I said, there are many different interpretations about the Godhead, about water baptism, about Holy Spirit baptism, about the LORD’s supper, about the Return of Christ, about the end time, about Israel, about everything. Every subject of the Scriptures is being interpreted into different versions. Beloved, the time has come to recognize the message of the hour, the promised Word for today because this promised Word is the original seed. It was God’s man of the hour William Branham who preached his longest sermon on the subject “The original Word is the seed”.

Beloved, God used him in a very special way with a direct gift of discernment and revelation with the gift of healing and God used him after Word War II to bring forth the breakthrough in the healing revival. The world would have never heard about any of the other famous evangelists if God would not have used one man to start that revival off.

And beloved, it was not the decision of a man. It was God’s decision to choose a man. This has been God’s way from the very very beginning. God chose a Noah, an Abraham, a Moses, the prophets and then of course in the beginning of the New Testament he had a man sent from God whose name of John and he preached the Word of God, the message of the hour. In fact he bridged the Old to the New Testament, Luke 16 : 16. In the same way it pleased the LORD God Almighty to send us a prophet with a direct ministry and commission before the Return of Christ. And beloved I would not be foolish enough to bypass what God did in my time. It will never never be forgiven. People will just go into judgement with themselves and ask why: Why did we miss God’s day of visitation? Please remember Luke 19 from verse 41 where our LORD spoke to the Jews looking over Jerusalem weeping, because He wanted to gather them so many times. But they had their religion, their services, their singing, their sacrifices. It was a full program but it was not God’s program for that moment. God’s program for that moment started with John the Baptist continued with the ministry of the LORD Jesus Christ and then after the price was paid on the cross of Calvary. The holy blood was shed and the holy Life given and redemption had taken place. Then the outpouring of the Holy Spirit happened on the day of Pentecost. And then the New Testament men of God rose on the scene to proclaim the true gospel, the Word of God to show the way of salvation, of forgiveness and reconciliation with God.

Beloved, if we look into the course of church history especially into the 3rd and 4th century how councils were arranged how all the Bible teachings were placed into different ways and understandings and may I use the word misunderstandings. Every Word of our LORD was misunderstood. Matthew 28:19 was misunderstood. Mark 16:16 was misunderstood. Luke 24:47 was misunderstood. John 20, verse 23 was misunderstood. All the church fathers misunderstood and misinterpreted every Word of the LORD but then in the days of the reformation about 500 years ago the LORD started a revival. The Bible was placed back into the hands of humanity. Up to that time only the Roman clergy had the Holy Scripture and they could tell the people anything and it was in Latin anyway so nobody understood what the man at the altar was saying. But since the time of reformation the Holy Scripture was translated into all the different languages and then people could decide for themselves what they would or should believe. And then of course one revival was followed by the next and by the next until 100 years ago the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place. And then to go one step further since 1946 when the LORD called William Branham this last and mightiest revival the world has ever seen started through the ministry God had ordained.

Beloved brothers and sisters, I saw Bible days with my own eyes, I knew Brother Branham exactly for ten years. I’ve seen the supernatural of God manifested. I’ve seen gifts in operation. I’ve seen the Bible ministries performed. And it was not a show. It was reality. It was not pretension. It was so! And this is what we need right now because even in charismatic meetings people are mislead. And there is much activity. Many programs! Everybody presents his own program. And some even refer to Bible prophecies. We just heard it and I read it today that someone had the idea from Britain to go to Israel and he read Ezekiel chapter 47 where it says that the Dead Sea will receive life and there will be many fishes. So he had the idea to already start selling the permit to fish in the Dead Sea. Can you imagine somebody charging 100 $ and you can buy a permit to fish in the Dead Sea. Well, this doesn’t give me anything. It’s a moneymaking scheme.

Beloved brothers and sisters, what I’m trying to say is this: Many people have many ideas. But I want to know God’s Word for today. I wish to participate in what God is doing right now. And if there is a message to go forth before the Return of Christ wherein everything must be restored and brought back to where all things have been right at the beginning 2000 years ago when the Word of God went forth from Jerusalem and the teaching from Mount Zion when the true apostles and prophets were placed into the church and the true teachers taught the Word of God to the New Testament believers.

Brothers and sisters, how many things should be said and dealt with. Let’s try to summarise what the concern should be at this moment. All who believe according to the Scripture not to believe in a religion, not even in the Christian religion. We heard about the Vatican finding a very new term for the three religions, for Judaism, for the moslem religion and the christian religion calling those three Abrahamic religions. But I don’t believe in an Abrahamic religion. I believe as Abraham did. The true Word of God promised to me as he believed the Word of God promised to him. And we have to tell all the people what the Scripture says. He that has the Son of God has eternal life. Not he that has a church or denomination or religion. But he who has the Son of God has eternal life. One just need to read I John chapter 5 and there from verse 7 to 10 and other scriptures. God was not in a religion. God was in Christ reconciling the world with himself. And beloved, when our LORD spoke the parables afterward He took His disciples aside and He said: “To you it is given to understand the mysteries of the kingdom.” Actually it was not an interpretation, it was the revealing of the true sense which was hid in that parable. Like for instance if you go to Matthew 28:19 when our LORD gave the great commission that we should go into all the world and teach all nations and baptizing them who believe into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Then you need the revelation to know what Name is meant. God is Father and the God of heaven revealed Himself in His Son, in His only begotten Son here on earth. The same God dwells in His church in the true believers who make up the body of Christ, the temple of the Holy Spirit. HE dwells in us. So, God above us in the Fatherhood, the same God with us in Jesus Christ His only begotten Son and the same God dwelling in us. But what is the Name into which we were to baptize? Baptizing them into the Name. Not three times! Into the name of the Father, into the name of the Son, into the name of the Holy Ghost. That’s not the way it is written! And then you must take the Scripture to the first sermon on the day of Pentecost when the people were shown the way to eternal life. All should repent of their sins and convert to Christ and then they who believe should be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ because they had believed in Him and their sins were forgiven. So they could be baptized as believers.

Beloved, as I tried to say: The very important matter for now is this: Not to have big conventions and big programs but to let the great God reveal to us His promised Word for this day. And then to listen to what Hebrews chapter 3 says: “Today when you hear His voice don’t harden your hearts.” What is His voice today? His Word is His Voice. Like my voice is manifested in my words, so voice of God is manifested in His Word. And the LORD said, the time would come Amos 8:11 that He would send a famine to hear His Words and people would go from coast to coast to hear His Word. And finally that time of hearing His Word would be over and people would still be running but it would be too late.

Beloved, I don’t like the term: It’s too late. It just doesn’t sound good. It doesn’t sound right. If somebody comes too late there is some grief connected to it.

Beloved, as I try to say by the grace of God. We are now so near to the Return of Christ. Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled in every way. In Israel, and especially in the European Union, the old Roman Empire coming to world power again. And you just need to read in the prophet Daniel chapter 2 and also in the prophet Daniel chapter 7 where the prophet saw the four world kingdoms rise. His interest was not in the first three but always in the last one which should rule over the whole earth and break everything to pieces. And this is precisely what is happening now. We know about the Kosovo War. We know about this war right now. Everything being smashed to pieces. Everything is being subdued. Beloved, God’s Word is being fulfilled. But let me tell you this. When the peace process is moving on and moving on finally the moment shall arrive when I Thessalonians 5 :1-3 will be fulfilled. The day of the LORD shall so come as a thief in the night. When they shall say peace and safety then sudden destruction will come upon them. But before this great and dreadful day of the LORD would come when the sun will shine no more and the moon shall turn into blood and the stars shall fall from heaven. Before this day breaks the LORD God said I will sent you Eliah the prophet to restore all things. Beloved friends, brothers and sisters! Am I giving this promise or did God give this promise in His Holy Word? Sometimes people get the impression that a preacher is trying to share his views, his doctrines, his understanding of the scriptures. I’m not sharing with you my views and not my doctrines. I’m sharing with you the true Word of Almighty God. And you can read it yourself. And then of course if you believe it, it will be revealed to you. If you don’t believe it, it will never be revealed to you. This is a fact. God will not even speak to you if you don’t believe what He says, leave alone to reveal it you what He says. First you have to have the right attitude towards God and His Word. The right attitude is the fear of God. And then when the LORD gave the promise in Malachi 3 it was fulfilled in the ministry of John the Baptist but what about Malachi chapter 4 that He would send Eliah the prophet the great and terrible of the LORD and then Matthew 17:11: “And Jesus answered and said unto them: Eliah truly shall first come and restore all things.”

Am I responsible for this Word? The LORD God spoke and thus it has to be. Whether you believe it or not. God has sent a prophetic ministry in our time. And it was Brother William Branham, a man sent from God with the message of God to the people of God to restore the hearts of God’s children back to the faith of the apostolic fathers to bring us back to the very beginning to take us out from all confusion and then let us be part of His promised Word and what He does right now.

Beloved, may the blessings of Almighty God rest upon you and may you not just be religious but may you be privileged to believe as the Scripture says. And our LORD making the statement in reference to the end time and the accomplishment of all the predictions: “When you see all these things take place, lift up your heads for your redemption is drawing near.” We must be ready for the Return of Christ which is imminent. May the Holy Spirit, the true anointing rest upon you. May divine revelation and inspiration be granted to you. May you be lead by the Holy Spirit into all the truth even as our LORD said that the future things will be revealed unto us. All is in this book. May God bless you and be with you. We should like to hear from you in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.