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The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - TV series - No.46 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved friends,

this is Brother Frank speaking to you from the Mission Center in Krefeld /Germany. It’s always a privilege for me to share God’s precious Word with you. We do try to reach the whole earth with the true message of God’s Word, with the promised Word for this day. We do speak about the Return of Christ, about the fulfillment of Bible prophecies in our time. And we do call this ministry “The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry”. In every way we go back to the prophets to the apostles, to the LORD, we go back to the Old and the New Testament and we do realize that in the Old Testament God spoke about the things which would take place and in the New Testament we do find the fulfillment thereof. It is so essential to know that God does all things according to His Word. It’s absolutely important to recognize that the New Testament begun with the introducing of the Messiah by a promised prophet who prepared the way of the LORD. It’s equally important to know that the New Testament ends in the same way because it’s a prophetic age God has promised that He would send a prophet like Eliah before the great and dreadful day of the LORD would be. It’s so important to know the LORD by divine revelation, by a true experience, to know Him as the apostle Paul was saying in the power of His resurrection so that we would participate in the first resurrection by the grace of God.

Beloved brothers and sisters, there are many scriptures we need to share with you, especially Matthew 24, where the LORD speaks about the signs of the end time. Also about false christs and false prophets and also that the true gospel of the kingdom would be preached to all nations and then the end would be. And the LORD states and speaking to us today, He said in reference to all He predicted that would come to pass: “When you see all these things, look up for your redemption is drawing near”. The same wording you find in Luke chapter 21 from verse 29. And we are the generation that sees all these things come to pass. There is no more need for anyone to interpret Bible prophecies. We are now seeing these prophecies as they come to fulfillment even as much as the prophet Daniel in chapter 2 and chapter 7 saw the four world kingdoms rise one after the other. And then he was eager to know about the fourth kingdom and the LORD by His grace send an angelic being to him, Gabriel personally came to Daniel, showing unto to him the end time and also referring to the things which would come to pass. Then if we make just the one big step to the book of revelation the apostle John was on the isle of Patmos and there the LORD send His angel to show unto him the things which would shortly come to pass. And then of course He was in the Spirit and saw all the things right to the new heaven and the new earth. He saw the millennium, He saw the marriage supper of the lamb. If you go to the various chapters in chapter the apostle John saw the LORD as Son of man walking amidst the seven golden candlesticks, having the seven stars in His right hand. And then you go to chapter two and three where we are told about the seven angels to the seven churches which have prophetic significance. And then we go to all the other chapters about the opening of the seals and then we see the contains of the seals.

Beloved, if I would not tell you today that God has send a prophet in our time, I would mislead you, I would not tell you the truth. And beloved friends, I’m in the kingdom of God since 1949 when I was born again and filled with the Holy Spirit. I’m a witness of the supernatural power of God being manifested in the meetings. In 1955 I attended the services of William Branham, a man sent from God with the message of God to the people of God at this time. Beloved, I came to know already in the 1950’s all the great evangelists who came out of this great revival wave which struck the earth since 1946. But it was William Branham whom God used in a special way and I had the privilege to know him personally for precisely ten years. I saw the gift of discernment, the gift of revelation, I saw the gift of healing, I saw the gifts of the Holy Spirit manifested in his ministry. Beloved, what good would it do for me to tell you stories. Everybody who is called of God to the ministry will have to be up-to-date himself in the kingdom of God. If I could only tell you what the LORD has done in the days of Abraham, in the times of Moses or even in the days of our LORD Jesus Christ when He came as the promised Messiah. And the scripture says: “HE came to His own but His own received Him not.” They had their services, they were singing the Psalms, they were praising God. At the same time they missed the day of God’s visitation to them.

Beloved, only those who received John the Baptist and his ministry, their hearts were prepared. As the Holy scripture says in Luke chapter 1 verse 16 and 17 that through the ministry of John the Baptist the hearts of the fathers were turned to the hearts of the children of the New Testament children right to the beginning because God has spoken to the fathers in various ways but now the kingdom of God was breaking it’s way thru. And therefore Luke chapter 16 : 16 was fulfilled: All the prophets and the law were right unto John the Baptist but from that time the kingdom of God had its course.

Beloved, we have to know the promised Word of God for today. It’s not enough to know about great charismatic persons. It is not sufficient to just hear a prosperity gospel. The time has come to know God’s plan of salvation from this book. The time has come to know what God promised. There are two special things we have to observe and realize in our time. One is what Christ our LORD the head of His body of the church is doing right now. He is calling out a people for His Name. The bridegroom calls His bride together to hear the mysteries of the kingdom of God., to be separated, to be taken out from all Babylonian captivities and return to the Word of Almighty God – to the truth that was preached at the beginning. What was preached from the very beginning must be also preached right at the end. One LORD, one faith, one baptism. And people must come to a true experience with the LORD. It’s not enough to talk about conversion, to talk about being born again. It’s not enough for it to remain a teaching. It must be an experience in reality. We must know of a day in our life when we were born again. Just as we know of a day, - and we do have our birth certificates we know that we are born into this world.

Beloved, in the same way our LORD said in John chapter 3:”Ye must be born again, otherwise you can not see the kingdom of God.” And if you go to James chapter 1 verse 18 we are told that the Word of God is the seed for the new birth. In the same way the apostle Peter in I Peter chapter 1 verse 22 and 23 tells us that we are born again by the everlasting Word of God. Then you take it back to Matthew 13 where our LORD presents Himself as the sower of the good seed, making the statement: ”The Son of man is the sower of the good seed and the good seed which comes up are the children of the kingdom of God. So first it’s a promise, it’s a Word and then you receive that promised Word and the Holy Spirit comes upon you and creates a new life in you.

Beloved, it’s absolutely necessary to have this personal relationship with the LORD because the natural man does not comprehend the things of the Holy Spirit. Spiritual things must be be spiritually discerned. And if you go to the Word of God you don’t have everything in one place, even about the Godhead, about water baptism, about the LORD’s supper, about the second coming of Christ, about all these subjects you don’t have it all in one chapter. You have it scattered throughout the Holy Scriptures. But the Holy Spirit takes you from place to place and puts all things together until the picture is complete. So, about the Godhead the Holy Scripture only speaks about one God. God being One from eternity to eternity. There has been no other besides Him and there will be no other besides Him. Then throughout all the Old Testament over six thousand times we find the terminology: The LORD God, the LORD God. In the first chapter of Genesis we only read about Elohim, about God. But then from chapter 2 we have the combination of LORD God because the invisible God made Himself visible, in a body He appeared walking in the garden of Eden, creating Adam in His own image. But we don’t have many gods, we only have the different manifestations of the same God. In the Old Testament He could visit Abraham in Genesis chapter 18. He could meet with Moses in Exodus chapter 3 to chapter 6. Beloved, to Abraham He came in a body of flesh, sitting down and eating a meal together with the other two angels who then went to Sodom and the LORD remained before Abraham stating that He could not keep from him what He is going to do. Abraham was the prophet at that time and he was not in Sodom at all. Lot was in Sodom but not Abraham. Abraham represents the elected ones, those who are called out and being separated from all unbelief. And then we go further on again to Exodus chapter 2,3 and 4,5 and 6 where the LORD appeared to Moses in the burning bush saying: I AM the I AM, and tell the children of Israel the I AM has send you. That is my Name for ever, for all generations. Then you see Him the only true God throughout the Old Testament and in the New Testament we see Him in His manifestation in His revelation coming to us and taking upon Himself a body of flesh. So. the same LORD whom we knew throughout the Old Testament as the great I AM as JAHWE of the Old Testament we know Him as YASHUA of the New Testament. The same who could say: “Before Abraham was I AM.” HE still is the I AM today. But then we see the different manifestations for one great purpose to bring us back to adopt us again so that we would take our original position as sons and daughters of God. So, the LORD of glory, the Word Himself was made flesh and dwelt among us. He came to be as we are that we might become as He is. And that is according to I John chapter 3 from verse 1 to 3: It is not yet appeared what we shall be but when He shall appear we shall be like He is. So our God the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the creator of the heavens and the earth, the seen and the unseen, He manifested Himself for our purpose for the sake of our salvation to bring us back into the relationship with Himself. And therefore only in the New Testament He revealed Himself as Father in heaven, in the Son on earth and in us by the Holy Spirit. God above us, with us, in us. Always the same God manifesting Himself for the one great purpose to be accomplished so that we be with Him forever.

Beloved, the same is with the baptism, with the true biblical baptism of those who believe in Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. And because there is only on true manifestation of the one true God for our sake and for our salvation and that is in Jesus Christ. God’s way to us is only in Jesus Christ and our way to God is only thru Jesus Christ who said: “I Am the way, the truth and the life.” Then He gave the great commission that we should go into all the world and teach all nations baptizing them into the Name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. And then if you go to the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out and the New Testament Church was established, was born – the apostle Peter preached His first sermon under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He had the keys of the kingdom, he had the divine revelation of who Jesus Christ truly is and upon this revelation of Jesus Christ the New Testament Church is built and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Peter the apostle with divine authority said to the multitude: Repent everyone and be baptized for the remission of your sins in the Name of Jesus Christ. Beloved, that is not heresy. That is the true teaching of the New Testament Church for baptism. Right from the first day when the New Testament Church was born and established. It was William Branham God’s servant and prophet who had to bring us back to the original teachings about the Godhead, that God does not exist as three eternal ones – the Father to be eternal, the Son to be eternal, the Spirit to be eternal – three different persons sitting next to one another, conversing with one another. That’s blasphemy! There is only one true God, one true God forever and ever! Beloved, it has to be made very clear that also the “Jesus Only” teaching is not in the Holy Scriptures. God only Yes. Jesus only No. We must make a distinction and only say what the Scripture says. And not put our own interpretations to it.

Beloved, I trust that the LORD has spoken to you directly and that you will be illuminated by the Holy Spirit to see things as the LORD wants you to see them. May I just say right now again, this is Brother Frank speaking to you from the Mission Center in Krefed / Gemany. We would like to hear from you and may the LORD put these words together and make a complete and divine revelation to you. May you be blessed with all the blessings of Almighty God. Search the Holy Scriptures and they testify of Him, they tell you the time we are living in and they also inform you about the promised Word for today. May the dear LORD bless you and be with you in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.