Freie Volksmission Krefeld r.y.

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Heb.13.8


The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - TV series - No.45 / Ewald Frank

Kieli Englanti

Dear friends,

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is Brother Frank from the Mission Center in Krefeld Germany. We just love to reach the whole earth, every nation, every color, everyone before the Return of Christ. As you know, God’s message is going forth right now under the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit. We understand that as the New Testament begun with the fulfillment of prophecies from the Old Testament we have now reached again a prophetic age, a time wherein Bible Prophecies are being fulfilled. God does all things according to His Word.

We do call this ministry “Apostolic, Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry”. We only say what the Scripture says. And we believe what the Scripture teaches and we practice what was practiced in the early Church in apostolic days.

Beloved, we also recognize what prophets and apostles foretold under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Also their statements in reference to the truth which is the Word of God. In Romans, chapter three in verse 4 we read: ”Let God be true but every man a liar, as it is written.” And also in Romans chapter 4 verse three: “ For what says the Holy Scriptures.” We are not interested in what men are saying. We wish to know what God said in His Word. And we also must realize that God’s Word is misunderstood from the first chapter, the first verse to the last chapter, the last verse in the Holy Scriptures. God’s Word from the very beginning was misunderstood, misinterpreted, misrepresented. And only if the Holy Spirit reveals to us the true significance of the Word, then we know it by divine revelation, never by head knowledge. Therefore if we go back to the beginning, if there was a Bible question, there had to be a Bible answer. There were always questions but they are also answered within the Holy Scriptures. In Acts chapter 15, verse 15 we read: “And to this agree the words of the prophets as it is written.” Whatever the subject might be: Godhead, water baptism, Spirit baptism, Lord´supper, second coming of Christ, millennial reign, White throne judgments and all the other Bible subjects, the answer is always in the Holy Scriptures. Not in one verse! We have to take every scripture that belongs to the same subject. The light must come from all directions and we always must find the key word first. And then we go from scripture to scripture. For instance, about the Godhead. What did God say about Himself? What did the prophets testify about Him? What does the scripture say about the Son of God? In all the Old Testament He was promised. Even to the fact: a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son. Isaiah chapter 7, verse 14. And then finally we come to the New Testament and read about the angel Gabriel visiting Mary. Sharing with her the promise, giving the promise of the Word to her and the Word was made flesh. The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary, creating in her the blood cell and Christ the Son of God was born. Him Whom we know since the beginning as LORD, as I AM. The One who created us in His own image, came to us and was made like we are so that He could pay the prize for our redemption in the body of flesh. Because in the body of flesh we had sinned and were born in sin. So the Son of God was manifested in the flesh, so that He could pay the prize and redeem us from the curse and give us eternal life and we are reconciled with God through Jesus Christ our LORD. This is the great purpose of God. God wanted us back as sons and daughters and therefore we have the first Adam a created son of God in the image of God. We have the second Adam, Christ the only begotten Son of God. In Him we were adopted and placed back in our original position as sons and daughters of God. Now beloved, as we are living so close to the second coming of Christ we need to know the promised Word for this day. I like to read three scriptures so that everybody will know its God’s Word which we believe and also proclaim. In Malachi chapter 3 we are told about the ministry of John the Baptist. The LORD said: I will send my angel, my messenger before my face to prepare my way before me. You can check it in Matthew 11, in Mark chapter 1 in Luke chapter 3, in John chapter 1. All these chapters refer to the ministry to John the Baptist as being fulfilled at the first coming of Christ. Now two thousand years later we are dealing and we are concerned with the promise of Malachi chapter 4. John came before the day of salvation, the time of grace begun and this last prophet was promised like Eliah, he was promised that he would come on the scene just before the great and terrible day of the LORD would be. And that for the purpose: “And to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children:” I just wish to emphasize this one point: A prophet was promised to turn the hearts, not the heads, the hearts! We believe with our heart not with our head and we confess with our lips. Romans chapter 10. Now from here we need to go to Matthew chapter 17 to know that the LORD confirmed the coming of the prophet Eliah and you need to read I Kings 18 to know why the LORD spoke about the coming of the prophet Eliah. Matthew 17, verse 11: “And Jesus answered and said unto them: Eliah truly shall first come and restore all things”. I’m not reading from any weekly magazine, I’m not reading from a newspaper, I’m not reading from a church book, I’m reading from the Holy Scriptures. Also, if you wish to know it it’s Mark chapter 9 where our LORD confirms the same promise in verse 12:”And He answered and told them, Eliah verily cometh first and restoreth all things.” These are the words from the lips of our LORD in the New Testament confirming the promise from the Old Testament. Then if you wish to go to Luke chapter 1 we are finding confirmed that the promise given was partly fulfilled in the ministry of John the Baptist in as much as he was to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. Luke chapter 1 verse 17. Now is the time to turn the hearts of God’s children back to the apostolic fathers. Not to church fathers in the 3rd or 4th or 5th century but back to the original teachings.

And beloved, if you go through the epistles written by the apostles right to the book of Revelation chapter 2, in the first church age message we are told: “Thou hast tried those who claim to be apostles and found them to be liars”. We have to realize the deviations from the original teachings started in the days of the apostles. If you read I.John chapter 2 the apostles speaks already about the antichrist which would come and also about the many antichrists which were already there. Beloved, it’s very serious! And we have to take things back to the Word of God to be sure that we believe as the scripture says. There is no sense for a preacher to refer let’s say to John chapter 8 verse 12:”If you follow me you will not remain in darkness but have the light of life.” It’s no sense to say or repeat what our LORD said that if we follow Him we should not be in darkness, if we are walking in darkness. The scripture must become a reality. It must become a light. And it must be life to us.

Now a few things. We are living in a tremendous time. There has never been a time like this on earth. In one way this Word of God was marvelously revealed. And God used William Branham who was a man sent from God with the message of God to the people of God. A final message of restoration to what has been in the very beginning. Because according to Acts chapter 3 from verse 19 to 21 Jesus Christ remains in heaven until the times of restitution of all things have come.

Now a few points, especially to the very foundation of our belief: What is our belief? It’s the Word of God only. Just forget everything else and turn to God and His Word. What is apostolic? Only what originates with the apostles. What is biblical? Only what is found in the Bible. What is prophetic? Only what God has said thru the prophets. You can not take from the Word, let’s say apostolic to the church fathers but this is precisely what was done in the course of the history of the church. If you read the catechism right here, it says starting I’m reading from page 62 it the newest edition, it starts with the statements in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. And then it says in paragraph 232: Christians are baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Now beloved, I take you to the Word of God and I can proof it to you and you need to proof to me if there ever, ever, ever one person was baptized into a formula of Father, Son and Holy Ghost or if ever any person was prayed for or any act was done in the formula: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Beloved, in Matthew 28 : 19 our LORD, the resurrected LORD and Saviour taught His disciples for forty days, explaining to them all the scriptures, like He did in Luke 24 beginning with Moses and the Psalms and the prophets and then teaching them before they were to teach others. And then we understand, He was giving the commandment: “Baptizing them into the name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost,” which there is one Name, one Name. God revealed Himself as our Father in heaven. Therefore we pray: “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name.” What Name? The New Testament Covenant Name, the LORD Jesus Christ, because the Name of the Father is also the Name of the Son. And you just need to go further to Mark chapter 16, to Luke chapter 24, to John chapter 20 where the LORD gave the great commission. And with it you have to go to Acts chapter 2, verse 38. Please not a “Jesus Only” doctrine! The “Jesus Only” teaching is not in the Holy Scriptures. God can not be His own Father. And the Holy Scripture says: “Thou art my Son, today have I begotten thee.” So, we have to understand God’s Word by divine revelation as I said earlier. There is a purpose connected to it. God was manifested in Christ, so He could be manifested thru Christ in us and Christ in us is the hope of glory. It’s not a teaching! It’s a reality! We were reconciled with God. We are sons and daughters of God thru Jesus Christ the Son of God.

But now if you go to the church teachings. It’s just something I can not stand any longer, especially because it is called apostolic. Even the creed is called “Apostolic Creed” but that’s wrong. That is a lie! I hope you understand. How can something be apostolic, if it was formulated three hundred years later after the apostles. Beloved, it says here in the same catechism, it says the Latin tradition of the creed confesses that the Spirit proceeds from the Father and from the Son. But if you read in John chapter 14, John chapter 15, John chapter 16, you understand as the Son was saying repeatedly: Believe me that I came forth from God. And He said: “The Holy Spirit which proceedeth from God”. So, it’s not two that the Holy Spirit comes forth from. It’s one! But then you’ve got here all the council cities and all the years wherein things were formulated. It says here by Pope Leo I: The following and ancient Latin and Alexandrian tradition had already confessed it dogmatically”… and then it gives the years, 325, 381, 451, 447. It gives all the years wherein the dogmas were formulated. And it says here on page 66:”The formation of the trinitarian dogma.” And then you have again the time when these dogmas were formulated. And it says here in paragraph 251:”In order to articulate the dogma of the trinity the church developed and then it goes on to explain. What have I, a servant of God to do with any dogma? I’m begging you in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ! What do I have to do with a dogma of a church? Of course nothing, forever and ever. I’m obligated only to God. And beloved brothers of the full gospel ministries around the world. How can you say: You kissed the cup of God’s blessings, if you still are in Roman Catholic dogmas in your teachings and in you practices. Beloved, and then it’s called: “Apostolic confession”. It’s called: “Apostolic creed” No, it’s not! It’s a Nicean creed. It’s a Calcedonian creed. It’s the creed of all these times when the councils were held. Apostolic is only what is in here. This is apostolic, no less and no more. You might say, Brother Frank you are going too far. No, I’m not going far enough yet. As the Return of Christ neareth we have to go as far as God goes. And we have to say the truth, even if we have to die with the truth, for the truth. So, believing… I’m angry. And you know it. I have to be because the whole world is being deceived under a religious cover. So this is God’s time for God’s people to recognize what is apostolic, what is biblical. And we need to go back to the original teachings of the Word of God. Now here the charismatic movements around the earth, they have one condition, it says here to join them: “The church or ministry must be trinitarian and charismatic in doctrine and practice”. Beloved, you don’t need to join God! No, you don’t need to. You must be born again and baptized by the Holy Spirit into the body of Christ.

Beloved, let me finally say it: God sent William Branham, His servant and prophet before any charismatic person was on the scene. Before any of the renowned world evangelists ever stepped on the scene. God sent William Branham in 1946 with a direct commission that his message would forerun the second coming of Christ as John prepared the people at the first coming of Christ. This is the time of calling out, the time of separation, the time of preparation, the time of restoration of all things. Back to God! Back to His Word! Take it seriously! Because if not, you might be caught in confusion at the time of the Return of Christ. May the blessings of Almighty God rest upon you and beloved: This is not Brother Frank speaking to you, it’s the LORD speaking to you by His Holy Word. Be blessed with the blessings of God in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.