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Jésus-Christ est le même hier, aujourd'hui et éternellement" (Hèbreux 13:8)


The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - TV series - No.36 / Ewald Frank

Langue: anglais

Dear friends, beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is Brother Frank speaking to you from the Mission Center in Krefeld - Germany. I greet you in the precious Name of our LORD Jesus Christ, wishing you all the blessings of God as richly as He poured them out upon His people as promised in the Old Testament that in Abraham and his seed God would bless all nations. Abraham should look up towards heaven to number the stars or should think about the strands on the seas to number the sand and the LORD said so innumerable shall thy seed be. And if you go to Galatians chapter 3 and chapter 4, there the apostle Paul shows that Jesus Christ was that promised seed and thru Him we do inherit all things and in Christ all the nations are blessed from one end of the earth to the other. And the LORD is just calling for the last time and we see it and it takes place all over the earth – Matthew 24:14 : “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached to all nations, then the end will be.”
Beloved, the main thing is this, that thru the “Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry” we are brought back into the direct will of God as revealed in His own Word. Not interpretations, not explanations, not adding, not taking away but believing just as the scripture says. The danger of only adding one word goes back right to Genesis chapter 3 when the serpent changed one word, actually added only the word “not”. First God had spoken: You can eat from all the trees in the garden except from this one tree you must not eat. And the serpent changed it around and said: Did God say you must not eat from all these trees?
Here is the trick of the enemy. He will always take God’s Word but he puts it upside down. And then the Word is no more the Word, it becomes an interpretation. And as certain as God’s life is in His Word the enemy always puts his poison into the interpretation.
Beloved, it’s also very very essential to know the time we are living in. To know the promised Word for today, to have divine orientation from the Holy Scriptures. I am an old-timer in the kingdom of God. I had my first wonderful experience in 1949. In 1948 I was baptized in a Baptist church. In 1949 I was baptized in the Spirit in a Pentecostal church. And from that time the LORD called me actually to the ministry right then and there. I began to share in testimonies what Christ meant to me. And I always had a desire to know the LORD and to know His Word and to know His will. Since 1953 I’m preaching. And then came the special day of April 2nd 1962 just as a new day was breaking. When the LORD with a tremendous all penetrating voice spoke to me. These ears heard His voice: “My servant, your time for this city will soon be over, I will send you to other cities to preach my Word.” And the LORD spoke in the German language and every Word was spoken with precision. Just as the apostle Paul could record that the LORD had spoken to him in his mother tongue in Hebrew, so I can assure the same to you.
Beloved, friends! As the time of grace is nearing its end. As the last two days are moving and moving right to the consummation. Beloved, we have to understand that only one day is left which is the day of the LORD. And then we have to understand Bible prophecy and that is found in Malachi chapter 4 where the LORD Himself said: “I will send you Eliah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the LORD comes.” He will restore all things. He will take the hearts of God’s children back to the fathers, back to the beginning when everything was done and given and preached and experienced by the Holy Spirit from the beginning of the New Testament Church on that great day of Pentecost.
Beloved friends, a full restoration must take place before Christ returns. And as it has been throughout the Old Testament so is it throughout the course of the New Testament. God would always find somebody He could lay His hands upon, somebody He could reveal His Word to, somebody to be His servant, His prophet. And then the LORD in the New Testament called the apostles. Beloved, an apostle is a sent one. And if somebody is sent there must be someone who is sending him. As our LORD said in John chapter 20 giving the great commission: “As the Father has sent me, so send I you.” And the same LORD said: “If I send someone and you receive him then you receive me and you receive him that sent me.”
Beloved, God has a plan of salvation and we have to become part of it. We have to fit right into it. And this actually brings me to the beginning of the New Testament. Throughout the Old Testament all the promises, all the predictions were given of what God would do, what would take place. How God would reveal Himself, how the Messiah would come, where He would be born, about His ministry, about His sufferings, about His death, about His resurrection, about His going to heaven. All was already written in the scriptures. And if Dr. Larken counted right 109 prophecies from the Old Testament were fulfilled at the first coming of Christ. And again if this man counted right 845 times our brothers in the New Testament made reference to the Old Testament, showing that the scripture, the Word of God the Old Testament foretold everything that takes place in the course of the New Testament.
Beloved, but that also fills my heart with sadness to think about it that Israel waited for the Messiah to come approximately 4000 years since the first promise was given in Genesis 3:15. Actually everything in the Old Testament pointed to the coming of the Messiah. Even to the very straight forward promises in Psalms 2, verse 7:”Thou art my Son, today have I begotten thee.” Right to Psalms 89: “I will be Father unto Him and He will be Son unto me.” Right to Psalms 22:”I will make thy Name known unto my brethren.” Right to Isaiah chapter 7:14:”A virgin shall conceive and bare a Son.” And then beloved friends, dear brothers and sisters, you read John chapter 1:”He came to His own and His own received Him not.” What a pity! Waiting, singing bringing sacrifices and all the preaching and all the teaching was about the coming Messiah. And when He came He was rejected. He was called every name that somebody could be given. You understand, if you read the gospels of how the scribes and the teachers, they called Jesus possessed of the devil. They called Him an evil spirit, they called Him Beelzebub. All the titles they could give to Him, they did. And then the same LORD Jesus in Luke chapter 19 from verse 41 looks over Jerusalem, weeping bitterly and saying: If thou wouldest known the time, if you would have known your day and the things pertaining to your peace but you did not know them. They were hidden from your eyes. And then LORD says: For the days shall come upon thee that thine enemies shall cast down everything. We know the scriptures and lay waste to the ground the city and then of course also the temple. And it says here at the end of verse 44: …”because thou knowest not the time of thy visitation.” When God makes history, when God fulfils promises He visits His people. And we see how John the Baptist had the divine revelation as a man sent from God with the message of God to the people of God to show that now the moment has come when the Old Testament prophecies merge into the New Testament fulfilment. And he pointed to the lamb of God saying: ”This is the lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world.”
So, if we look into the scripture it’s very plain. Only few receive the LORD and those who received Him to them He gave power to become the sons and daughters of God. And if you go to some other scriptures, even in Romans chapter 11, speaking to the Jews. Not all, not all received Christ and not all therefore had found grace in the sight of God. It says here in verse 7, Romans 11: “What then, Israel has not obtained that which he seeketh for but the election has obtained it and the rest were blinded.” So, when God visits His people then the time has come not to think but to believe. To believe at the very moment the LORD speaks to us. And it might not be another chance that the LORD would speak to you according to what is recorded in Job: “God speaks to everyone two or three times in his lifetime this way or that way.”
Beloved, now the LORD speaks to us. And I’m telling you why I do emphasize especially today about God’s people Israel. Not recognizing the day and the hour of God’s visitation moving on with their own programmes which were very religious. But it had become a form, no more life, no more revelation, just a form.
Beloved, what about Christianity of our day? Where is God’s life manifested? Where is Christ, the LORD seen? We have everywhere dogmas, everywhere teachings which do not originate with the Word of God.
But beloved, I just looked into history and if you …– You can take books and books and the same people Israel who did not recognize the day of God’s visitation, they were writing the Mishna, the Agada, the Targum, the many, the whole list you can see the whole list. They were writing one Talmud, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Babylonian Talmud and if you go thru the years, it all took place in the space of the 500 years in our time, not BC but after Christ. So, beloved imagine they all bypassed the New Testament, they bypassed the four gospels, they bypassed everything recorded in the New Testament as the fulfilment of the Old and were putting their traditions into books. And even today they don’t read the Torah only, they read the Babylonian Talmud, the Jerusalem Talmud, the Mishna and all these books.
Beloved! And what about the New Testament Church? What about all the denominations? What kind of books do they study? Do they study God’s Word? Or do they study what someone has written and interpreted about God’s Word? What touches me the most is this, that the children of Israel according to Luke chapter 21, verse 24 were to go into captivity into all nations and the sword would was to be sent after them, just because they rejected Christ their Messiah, they were given to the sword. We just returned from Israel and a brother was kind enough to give us a list of all those who were murdered during World War II.
Beloved, it hurts. It’s absolutely not comprehensive, we can not understand it. There if you are in the Yad Vashem in Jerusalem where Holocaust is being seen in all the rooms every country represented where the Jews were murdered. Just to give you a small idea: In Poland 3 million, from Hungary 300.000, from Czechoslovakia 300.000, from France 90.000, from Lithuania 135.000, from Austria 65.000, from Latvia 85.000, from Belgium 40.000, from Italy 15.000, it goes on and goes on and goes on until over 6 million were murdered, were murdered! Just because they were Jews. Christ came to shed His blood to put the New Testament Covenant in force but they rejected Him.
Beloved friends! I’m about to refer to the church of the New Testament from all the nations. Are you receiving God’s promised Word for today? John the Baptist was a fulfilment of Isaiah chapter 40, verse 3: “A voice cries in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the LORD.” He was the fulfilment of Malachi chapter 3, verse 1. You can check it in all the four gospels. But what about the promise in our day? Whosoever rejected John’s ministry rejected the LORD because John was sent to prepare the way of the LORD. And now I have to tell you that William Branham, God’s servant and prophet was told many years ago: As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you are sent with a message which will forerun the second coming of Christ. And now, as the Return of Christ is so imminent. Nobody knows about it. Everybody has their own ways in all the charismatic meetings. Everybody is a great person and everybody is a man of God.
Beloved! I wish to know what God promised for this day. I don’t want to be deceived, meeting the LORD in judgement. I wish to be ready when He returns when the trumpet sounds, when the voice of the archangel will be heard and the dead in Christ will raise first and we shall be changed. We have to be in God’s covenant Word under the covenant blood. The covenant Word puts us under the covenant blood and the blood into the Word. You can never separate God’s people from God’s Word. Because just as our LORD was the Word manifested in flesh so the Word of promise is manifested in the bride of Christ in these last days. Back to the Word, back to the LORD. Back to apostolic days, back to the teachings of the beginning. Oh! Return to the LORD! Just please return. Otherwise the great tribulation will be our part. If we don’t hear what the Spirit says unto the churches now, if we misunderstand what God is doing right now, if we reject what God is doing right now He will have to reject us at the Return of Christ because we did not listen to what the Spirit says unto the churches.
Beloved, may this be your day the LORD has made to call you back to His Word! And then you are under grace and the peace of God which passes all understanding will be in you and with you. I would love to hear from you. God bless you in Jesus’ Name.