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Jesucristo es el mismo ayer, y hoy, y por los siglos. Heb.13.8


The Apostolic Prophetic Bible Ministry - TV series - No.35 / Ewald Frank

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Dear friends, brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is Brother Frank speaking to you from the Mission Center in Krefeld - Germany. I greet you all in the precious Name of Jesus Christ our LORD. We call this ministry “Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry”. Our aim is to acquaint this generation with the original teachings of God’s Word showing the difference between the original apostolic prophetic teachings taking into consideration the Old and the New Testament the four gospels the book of Acts the letters to the churches and individuals right to the book of Revelation. Believing that the Return of our beloved LORD and Saviour is imminent we need to understand that this is not only the end time but we have reached the end of the end time. The LORD Himself promised in John 14:”I go to prepare the place then I will return and take you to be where I am.” Then in Matthew 24:14 we have the command that this gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations and then the end would come. In Revelation chapter 14, verse 6 we are told about an angel flying thru the sky having the everlasting gospel which is being preached to all nations. In comparison to these scriptures we read in Galatians chapter 1: “even if an angel would come from heaven and teach another gospel he would be under the curse.”

So, beloved we have to understand that there are various ways in preaching Christ, in preaching the counsel of God and also the various teachings and practices in christianity. Our aim is to show that whatever is in the Holy Scriptures is endorsed by God Himself and this is that guide line we have to go by. I understand that to everyone on earth in every religion in every faith whatever you believe is precious to you. And it should be. But at the same time everyone should make sure that what you do believe can stand before God on the judgement day. To make sure that you believe as the scripture has said. I’m a missionary, I’m in the ministry for over 40 years and I’ve been to over 130 countries. I know the religions of the world, I know the various denominations and their teachings and my decision and maybe I should say God’s decision for my life and ministry is firm. I can not otherwise. Here I stand or sit but I’m bound to preach and teach only what God’s Word says. In Jude we are told in verse 3:”…to contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints.” There is only one faith, one LORD, one baptism. There is only one plan of salvation, only one God, one eternal life. And therefore we have to come back to the Word of God. In the same letter of Jude in verse 17 we read: „But beloved remember ye the words which were spoken before by the apostles of our LORD Jesus Christ.” And then of course we are told how people would just slip in, present their own teachings and so bring division and separation within the body of Christ. We have to understand and take heed to the warnings. Already in II Corinthians chapter 11 the apostle Paul was stating that some were preaching another gospel. They call it gospel but it’s not the everlasting original gospel. It’s the gospel of a denomination or of an individual but the time has come for us to return and make sure that we do believe the original Word of God. Knowing that Bible prophecies are now being fulfilled and the LORD is making history, it’s my duty to show you God’s Word and then compare what you believe if it coincides with the Holy Scripture. Also if we look into the political world we didn’t only have World War I. and World War II. We had wars and still have wars everywhere, ethnic cleansing, refugees are on the way fleeing their own houses and countries. There is a turmoil going on on earth in many countries. And actually if we look into the situation we understand Matthew 24 is being fulfilled. Wars, rumours of wars and if we look into the world religions all have blood on their hands. Religion and politics makes fanatics but God, God wants us to be children, born again having the nature of Jesus Christ. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against all the enemies and the LORD’s enemies are our enemies and the LORD will reign until all His enemies are put to His footstool and He shall reign forever and ever.

But to also have a look into the recent developments in Europe and worldwide. Everyone speaks about a world government about global unity, about mankind being united under one head and if you read Daniel chapter 2 and chapter 7 you understand about the four world empires how they would be and the last one would be the Roman Empire. And now everything is coming together. We see since 1989 how Europe is being united and finally the world is going to be united. And believe it or not but all these developments are already written in the Holy Scriptures especially in prophecy.

Beloved, God knew the end from the beginning and therefore He could write history ahead of time. And if we look into the European history: we have with us today some articles, there is a pastor in the Netherlands, he refuses to use Euro because he says it is a mark of the Roman Catholic Church which believes that Revelation chapter 12 which states seeing a woman with a crown of 12 stars claiming that it is Mary. And this pastor says: it’s not so it’s not so because in the Holy Scriptures especially in the book of Revelation not past events but future events and especially the end time is already spoken of. And we have to understand that there are two pictures of a woman, one in Revelation 12 and the other one in Revelation 17. And the European flag with the 12 stars is taken from Revelation chapter 12 and this man has the lightning to strike the European flag with the 12 stars right from the top to the bottom and saying that it can not stand in the presence of God. Let it be as it is. But Revelation chapter 12 if it really speaks of a church then it has to be the New Testament Church which is crowned with the teachings of the 12 apostles. And if Revelation 17 also speaks about a church then it has to be the great Babylon the mother of all the other churches if the Holy Scripture does have significance. Then we also see the picture before the European Parliament: a beast and a whore riding the beast. I had this picture taken in Brussels at the European Parliament. Remembering 1948 when in Germany already the picture was shown the woman riding on the beast. So, we do see that the significance of the Holy Scriptures finds its place in the developments at this time in Europe. And we do see that the prophecies of the Holy Scriptures are now more and more developing and coming to surface. Also about the uniting of the religions. Here we see the pope as he kisses a very special Koran. This would have been unthinkable, maybe even a decade ago but now its all possible. Then again two big leaders shaking hands stating: The alliance of the world religions. Another one: a catholic is blessing a lutheran. Here it is the highest cardinal in Germany blessing the highest lutheran bishop in Germany putting his hands into holy water and touching the forehead of the lutheran head and so dedicating this man.

Beloved, you might say: Mr. Frank is it necessary for you to remind us on these things? Yes it is. If I would not do, perhaps no one else will. I’m not a charismatic person. I’m not a great evangelist. Although the LORD gave me the privilege to lead a few millions to Him by the grace of God. But beloved, my ministry is a teaching, a prophetic apostolic ministry. Sharing with you the whole counsel of God and telling you that God makes history now. And the New Testament begun with the fulfilment of prophecies from the Old Testament. It ends in the same way. And therefore the apostle Peter was writing: “You have the more sure Word of prophecy which shines as a bright light in a dark place.” What we need now is not interpretation but divine understanding and divine revelation to know the time the signs of the time and to see what is taking place right now. Then we also have to take a look into the developments in the course of the church history. Already in apostolic days men were coming in introducing various teachings. If you go to Galatians chapter 2 Paul speaks about it. If you go to Revelation chapter 2 we are told about the teachings of Balaam, about the teachings of the Nicolaitans and if you go to the various epistles written by the apostles they were warning about false teachers and our LORD was warning us about false prophets who would rise and would do great signs and wonders. But be false in their teachings.

Beloved, we must try every spirit. Things come by inspiration and therefore we have to check whether the inspiration is right or wrong. If you go the days of Ahab, there were 400 prophets - prophets of Israel. They were inspired but the inspiration was wrong because it was not in agreement with the Word of God. And then there was one man by the name of Micah. He made the statement: ”Only what God said that shall I speak.” And therefore he had the right inspiration. The right inspiration comes always with the Word of God. The wrong inspiration comes always with the interpretation. Therefore we must make sure that don’t believe any interpretation but the original Word of God. Then again, if we go the beginning of the New Testament to the church as it was established on day of Pentecost to the first sermon the apostle Peter preached, we understand and I need to repeat this over and over again. We must understand that the book of Acts is actually a proof that the apostles understood the great commission given by the LORD. And they have taken Matthew, Mark, Luke and John into consideration. For instance in Matthew 28 our LORD said that we should teach all nations baptizing them who believe into the Name, singular, into the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Everybody knows that Father is not a name and Son is not a name. We do have the manifestations of God. In heaven God is our Father. Therefore we pray: “Our Father who art in heaven.” On earth the same God, the Father manifested Himself in the Son. And the Son is called Emmanuel. But the word Emmanuel in itself does not signify the Son of God is with us but God with us, God with us Emmanuel. But God with us in the Son ship. As I already stated: It’s God purpose to bring us back into the relationship with Him. And therefore He had to manifest Himself in Jesus Christ the only begotten Son. And in the Son all sons and daughters of God were adopted were placed back brought back into their original relationship with God. God did not bring us a philosophy, He brought us the New Covenant. We were all accepted in Christ. As in the first Adam all die, in the second Adam in Christ who is the LORD from heaven all are brought back to life again.

Beloved, we must understand this. So, Matthew 28 was misinterpreted in the 2nd and 3rd century. Two hundred years past and everyone was baptized in the Name of the LORD Jesus Christ. And I brought with me today the Greek Testament published by “Nestle Alant” and it says here in Matthew 28 in the footnote it says here that the original words in Matthew 28 were like this: “Entu onomati moi” In plain English: “Go into all the world, teach all nations baptizing them into my Name.” Eusebius, Eusebius one of the church fathers made the statement that the formula: “in the Name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost” was only published and used when the tri-unity teaching was introduced. Jewish people, the Israelites never knew about a trinity. They only knew God. And if you go to the Old Testament, He already manifested Himself in various ways but there was never a teaching in existence that God is in three persons. Never! And if you take, I brought it with me, the two statements of faith. The one from Nicea, the other one from Calcedon. The one from 325 the other one from 381. And in 325 nobody states anything like it says here in the year 381: “The Son was born of the Father before time begun.” It states on: “God from God, light form light, true God from true God, begotten and not created.” Well, beloved! I don’t care for this statement and I don’t care for the other statement. My statement of faith is only in this book. There is just no other way to believe anything else for a true child of God.

Beloved, let me tell you this. In our time God has sent a prophet, a man of God by the name of William Branham. He was used to spearhead the revival after World War II. There was no healing, salvation revival but God used him to spearhead to bring the breakthrough about in the revival with great signs and wonders. Bible days were here again! I saw Bible days with my own eyes. Beloved, let me assure you that this is God’s time for God’s people. And you need to know God’s promised Word for this day. No compromise, but the plain teachings and teachings of the Word of God. So, if you wish to know what we believe and teach and practise at the end of the time of grace, please go back to the book of Acts. This is the time of the restoration of all things. Back to the beginning and in the beginning was the Word. The church was not established in Nicea, not in Calcedon, not in Rome. The New Testament Church was established in Jerusalem because the Word of God would come forth from Jerusalem and the teachings from Mt. Zion. And that is where the New Testament begun and the true teachings which originate from there we believe now and we preach and teach all nations as the apostles did and we ask everybody to check and to see whether you believe as the scripture says. In this “Apostolic Prophetic Bible Teaching Ministry” all things must be taught and practised as in the beginning. May God bless you and be with you in Jesus’ Holy Name. Amen.