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Isus Hristos este acelaşi ieri, azi şi în veci. Evrei 13:8


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Internet Video Summary transcription - August 2010 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany.

We look back to a most wonderful weekend; the meetings were attended by hundreds and from all countries in Europe people came to hear the Word of God. The sermon was translated into twelve different languages and all, wherever they live on earth, can hear directly what we were saying in the name of the Lord.

We also shared our trip to four countries in West Africa, we have a little pamphlet just showing a few photos of the meetings we had in Togo, in Tschad, in Burkina Faso and also in Niger. And brother Tati from Brussels was my interpreter from the English into the French language. We just look back to a tremendous time, even to one of the miracles the Lord did. It happened when we were in Lomé, in Togo, that the flight to Burkina Faso was cancelled, we were at the airport, ready to check in to go to Burkina Faso, and only then the flight was cancelled and we had to rebook and were made to fly directly to Niger, not being able to go according to the plan to Burkina Faso and, of course, we were very sad, I always like to keep my promise, but this was not in my hands, we placed it into the hands of God. Of course, we called our brothers there to say that it is impossible for us to come, that they should apologise to those who had gathered to hear the Word of God. And just after takeoff, I do not know, maybe forty, forty-five minutes’ flight time, the announcement was made: “We have to land in Burkina Faso on our flight to Niger.” And this was our opportunity, by the hand of God, that we could disembark and have the meetings as they were scheduled. This was a direct miracle of God, it was the hand of the Almighty that we could keep our promise and have the meetings, the very, very special meetings, even with TV, with radio and with journalists having come to give a report of the meetings and our visit to the country.

I look back to these many, many years where God blessed in one hundred and fifty-five countries; it is just something that has never happened on earth before. And when our Lord said, “this Gospel will be preached to all nations and then the end will be”, that is one thing, but to live now and to experience that this Word of our Lord is being fulfilled, the original gospel of Jesus Christ, including every promise, every Word of God. Honestly, we can call it the full gospel, even having the promised Word for this day, Malachi chapter 4, where our Lord said, “I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord would come.” And let me put this very straight. If you do not accept this promise, if you do not believe this promise, first you have no more the full gospel, you have no more the full plan of salvation and if you do not believe the direct promise made for this time before the return of Christ, then the Lord God can never reveal a promise to you unless you believe the promise first. God will not even talk to you if you do not believe what He said. Finished. Period.

You can walk on in your own ways. And I was just reading at this past weekend from the Seventh Seal William Branham saw. I believe and every true child of God believes that William Branham was that promised prophet in our time. And I had the privilege to know this man of God for ten years. I saw, I heard what God did in our time. There is no one on earth who can take this away from me. I can say, like John the apostle, what my eyes have seen and my ears have heard, this we share with you. And it is always from the Word of Life, in connection to the plan of salvation. And therefore I do believe in all the supernatural experiences recorded in the Old and New Testament. I believe that the angel Gabriel came to Zechariah, Luke chapter 1; I believe the angel Gabriel came to Mary, I believe every supernatural experience recorded in the Bible. I believe the angel Gabriel came to Daniel, I believe all these records.

And brothers and sisters, let me say this in love. If I would only know what God did in the Old Testament or two thousand years at the beginning of the New Testament, why should I even talk to you if I would not know God’s promised Word for today? If I could not share with you what God is doing right now according to His Word, why should I waste my time and your time? I am not here to waste your time and, I hope, you are not here to waste my time. This is God’s time for God’s people.

And just to make these few remarks from what brother Branham said on March 24th, 1963, just when he preached on the seventh seal, he read Deuteronomy chapter 29 and here he started with verse 16, just showing what God had done with and to Israel. And then he read from 1st Kings, chapter 12, from verse 25 to 30, showing how Jeroboam had separated from Judah, and did not want his group to go to Jerusalem, but went into the mountains and establish his own sanctuaries, one in Dan and one in he had with Ephraim. And then brother Branham says and emphasises these two tribes, which practised idolatry, are no more mentioned in Revelation chapter 7, they are not found among the hundred and forty-four thousand. God just had to keep His Word. You cannot be found in idolatry and in the Book of Life at the same time. And brothers and sisters, this becomes very serious in our day and time. People who separate from the true Word of God and do have their own programmes, their own places of worship, they decide what should be done. You cannot have your own ways and make it to glory. And then, if you go back to the beginning, when the children of Israel were called out of Egypt, Moses was on the mountain for forty days, and in the meantime Aaron made a golden calf and said: this is your god. Imagine: to compare the eternal God with a golden calf. And then say: this is your god, children of Israel, you can just dance, have charismatic meetings, and this is your god, imagine, a golden calf, made by the hands of men, to be compared with the Almighty God. And then in Dan and also in Ephraim, Jeroboam overdid it, he made two calves, so that every tribe can worship its own calf. And then brother Branham comes to Revelation 2:14 and 20, speaks about Balaam, speaks about Jezebel, and friends, I tell you, I have to write a circular letter to show to God’s people the time we are now living in. Anyone who is separating himself from the Word that went forth from Jerusalem, who separates himself from the true apostolic teachings, making his own altars, having their own pastors, having their own ways.

Friends, the coming of the Lord is so near, so near. Don’t please dare to have your own ways. Beloved brothers, because of the direct responsibility I have before God, I must share these things with you. May God bless you, may He be with you, in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.