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Isus Hristos este acelaşi ieri, azi şi în veci. Evrei 13:8


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Internet Video Summary transcription - March 2010 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. It is always a privilege to share with you what God is doing all over the earth.

We had great meetings, this we can say before God, people gathered from all over Europe and if you have about 750 to 800 in a place to hear the Word of God, some are coming from a distance over a thousand kilometres, some fly, it is just something very special, people realise that the time of the coming of the Lord is very, very near and we shared a number of Scriptures, especially from Mathew 24 where the disciples addressed our Lord saying, “Tell us when shall these things be.” They wanted to know, but we live now and, of course, by God’s grace we have the answer to the question they were asking then. And we need the answer today because in our time all these Bible predictions and prophecies become a reality.

Only in our time Mathew 24:14 is being fulfilled, “This gospel of the kingdom will be preached to all nations and then the end will be.” Then we look upon all the earthquakes, we look towards Haiti, we look to Port-au-Prince, we look to Chile, we look to the various areas where earthquakes have been in the last few years and months and then we realise that the end-time is coming to an end and many wait for the earthquake to be at the west coast of the United States when the San Andreas Fault will break off and all that piece of land will slide into the ocean.

And friends we just do not know what will happen next, but we know that we are not only in the end-time, but we are nearing the very end of the end-time. Then I shared with the congregation what God has done in my last trip to Pakistan, something very, very outstanding and I have a few pictures which we would like to send to all those whose email we have that you might know what God is doing even in an Islamic country. Friends, the promise the Lord God gave to Abraham in Genesis 12:3, confirmed in Galatians 3, that all the nations would be blessed and they are blessed through Jesus Christ our Lord, from every nation under heaven God is calling His people.

And friends, as you know, I believe that brother Branham was a promised prophet, I believe what he was told on June 11, 1933, “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message given to you will be the forerunner of the second coming of Christ.” I hope you understand my position in the message of the hour, I have to verify everything with the Holy Scriptures. God’s Word is the absolute for ever but then we come to what God promised in Malachi chapter 4 that He would send a prophet before the great and dreadful day of the Lord would be, confirmed in Mathew 17:11 and also in Mark 9:12, so we understand the full Gospel, every teaching, everything that we need to know was revealed through the prophetic ministry. Every evangelist, every preacher, every teacher on earth can go to what brother Branham said and have it confirmed in the Holy Scriptures. Restoration means that all things must be brought back to where they were at the very beginning. It is not enough to speak about a fivefold ministry and have you own way, no, now the time has come to recognise the ministries which must unfold in the restoration of the New Testament church. And, of course, I have to be true to my calling as the Lord is my witness since the going home of brother Branham, I was privileged to take the message given to him, revealed to him, to the ends of the earth.

I have the privilege to be personally in more over 150 countries. An now in February this year, we had the greatest meetings in Pakistan, more than four thousand people heard the message of the hour in nine services in six different cities, one time I was near the Indian border, then I was near the border to Iran, then I was very close to the border of Afghanistan, and friends, there were checks by the police everywhere, it was a situation that I had never encountered before, but at the same time people gathered to hear the Word of God and every time when I asked if they believe the message, if they know the promised Word for this day, if they were baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, their hands went up and their “Amen” followed. So since 38 years I shared the Word of God in many countries, also in Pakistan, and friends, I just look back to these years of fruitful ministry to the honour of God. And let me share this with you, when we hear brother Branham’s teachings and preachings, what did he not say? He included everything for men, for women, for brothers, for sisters, he included every teaching, he included every prophetic Scripture, everything pertaining to true evangelism, he preached the full Gospel, he shared with us the whole counsel of God.

I do not understand why brethren have to come up with their own revelations and interpretations, and causing splits and splits again. Now you go to different countries and cities and you find maybe four, maybe up to nine different groups, all believing in brother Branham’s ministry. That is deception, people did not understand the message, they maybe know brother Branham, but they do not know the Lord. Therefore, beloved, I have to say over and again: it is not enough to speak about a prophet, it is not enough to know the prophet and his divine infallible ministry, you must know the Lord, you must be filled with the Holy Spirit, the same anointing that was upon the prophet must be upon you to understand all things the right way. I personally believe that the time is at hand when every true servant of God will come back to the Scripture and then we shall all believe and preach and teach the same things and so the unity in the body of Christ will be established.

May God have His way with all of us, beginning with the ministries and then with all the believers in every place. I can say the Lord God is on the move, and we have entered the last phase before the return of Christ. And our Lord said: “when you see all these things come to pass, then you know your redemption is drawing near, look up.” And we have to look up and prepare as the bride to meet the Bridegroom. God bless you all and be with you all in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.