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Internet Video Summary transcription - October 2009 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. We look back to most blessed meetings we had at this past weekend and I think we had over 800 people gathered here from all over Europe and also from different countries from overseas. And we are just grateful to the Lord for the message of the hour, for the promised Word for our day, for the ministry God has sent in our time and there was a message connected to that ministry.

I would like to read first from the Epistle of John, chapter 1, verse 1: “That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life…”

Now we always look to a beginning. There was a beginning in the days of Moses, a beginning in the various times of the Old and then, of course, of the New Testament. There was a beginning of the ministry of John the Baptist, a beginning of the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ, a beginning on the day of Pentecost, when the New Testament church was established and the great commission was being carried out. And there was a beginning in the days of Reformation, a beginning with all the revivals in the past five hundred years. And there was also a beginning around the turn of the century, especially in 1906 at Asuza Street in Los Angeles. There are names connected to all these revivals God has given in the past, our main concern is what God has done in our time. There was a new beginning after the World War II and God used William Branham in a mighty, in a special, in an unsurpassed way and, friends, I can say as John the Apostle: “What my eyes have seen, my ears have heard from the Word of Life…”

I count it a great privilege having known this man for ten years, having been acquainted with him privately and also with his ministry, attending his meetings in Germany and also in the USA, having eaten with him at the same table and driving with him in the same car. But friends, today there is something very special that I need to share with you and it is so very important with the Word of God and with the things the Lord has said.

For instance, when John the Baptist began his ministry, he received direct instructions: “Upon you see the Spirit of God descend, He is the one.” If you go further on to the apostle Paul, he received a commission and then he started his ministry. The question today, and it is very serious, the question today that I have to ask is this: what did the voice say to William Branham on June 11th 1933 at about 2 pm when he was ready to baptise the 17th person and heard the words “Look up” and when he looked up, the voice spoke to him. I have a book before me with a title »The Acts of the Prophet« and here, on page 46, this brother makes statements which do not coincide with what the Lord said and what brother Branham said. I am reading: “These words were: as John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of the Lord, so are you sent to forerun His second coming.” Nothing is mentioned about the message. Then this brother continues: “Some have thought the words spoken by the voice were: 'you message will forerun the second coming...'” He continues, “…but how can there be a message without a messenger, the message is thoroughly identified with the messenger as it is with John the Baptist.” And then brother Branham was asked, “Did the voice say you or your message will forerun the second coming?” The answer is found as he had it carved on the inside of the door of his new house in Tucson: “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of the Lord, so are you sent to forerun His second coming.”

Now here are very strong statements and I do not apology, but they are simply not true. I read what came from the lips of the One speaking from the supernatural cloud. I have 16 statements from the lips of William Branham and this, written in this book, is a lie. You can take every one of these statements and you will find, in every statement, the word “message”. I read the first one, I am not going to read all the sixteen, “As John the Baptist was sent for a forerunner of the first coming of Jesus Christ, your message will bring the second coming of Jesus Christ.” – spoken on the 15th of May, 1954. I can read all, but let’s read the next one: “A voice spoke from there and said: As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you have got a message that will forerun His second coming.”

I read to you one more and this, I hope, will convince you: “Look up” – did you follow me? Are you following me? – “Look up, and I looked up and as I looked up, here came that light coming down, people began fainting, falling, and the voice came that shook all around the place there said, ‘As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message given you will be a forerunner of the second coming of Christ.’ Not that I would be a forerunner, but the message was the forerunner.” This is precisely, 100%, in opposition to what this brother is writing in his book. Here he puts everything on brother Branham and since brother Branham finished his ministry, everything is finished and no one has a right to claim the message or to take the message to the nations of the earth. And this is a lie, whether it was done on purpose or not, and I am asking you – are you interested to know what was engraved in brother Branham’s house’s door in Tucson, are you interested to know what a man says or is a fear of God upon you? Will you take time? …and I ask you, because if you don’t do this, God has already forsaken you.

If you mean it and if you are honest, you will go through all these 16 statements of William Branham and you will forget what one man says because there is a purpose connected to what a man says, but there is a divine purpose connected to what God has said. Please check all these quotes which are the same from the 15th of May 1954, from the 17th of January 1955, from the 10th of February 1960, from the 11th of September 1960, from the 12th of January 1961, from the 16th of March 1961, from the 27th of April 1961, from the 27th of May 1962, from the 23rd of June 1962, from the 26th of June 1962, from the 23rd of November 1962, from the 30th of December 1962, from the 29th of December 1963, from the 5th of April 1964, from the 17th of February 1965, from the 18th of February 1965. You check all these 16 quotes and in every quote, the word “message”“you are sent with a message which will forerun the second coming of Christ…” And this is a lie, but this is the truth (note: showing different documents).

And there are so many years, over 44 years have passed since brother Branham was taken to be with the Lord, but the message God entrusted to him I have taken to 147 countries. I spent all my life for one purpose – to take the God-sent message to the ends of the earth. And such brothers claim that brother Frank should not even preach. Why should he preach? William Branham finished everything… and since then we know what is going on. And now we do not have the message, we have all the interpretations about the message and we have “a mess age” instead of a message.

So brothers and sisters, I have to be honest because the Lord called me to the ministry, and I have to take the calling and the commission seriously. Please pray for the whole situation because the time has come for a change. Everybody has to believe what God says. Please remember, this man says that from the supernatural light it was said, “you will forerun…”, but it said from the supernatural light, “your message will forerun…” and the prophet repeated it sixteen times and even made the statement: “not that I would forerun, but the message would be the forerunner.” Whom are you going to believe?

May God bless you and be with you in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.