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Internet Video Summary March 2009 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is Brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. We look back to the month of February where God has blessed especially in Pakistan, in six meetings in four different cities. I think over 2000 heard the Word of God in those meetings and it is absolutely great to see what the Lord does at this time even under very, very hard circumstances in Islamic countries.

Then we also look back to the first weekend we had here in the Mission Centre where people gathered from all over Europe and also from overseas, sharing the precious Word of God, and not only with those who are present, but also with those who are joining us online to hear and to see what we preach and what God does at this time.

For me it is so very, very important to stay with the Word of God, not to deviate, not to interpret, not to add, not to take away, but leave every Word in the connection it belongs and is written. Especially, the concern with the return of Christ promised to us in John, chapter 14, where our Lord said, “I go to prepare the place, then I shall come again, come again, to take you where I am.” And then we see in 2nd Peter 3:4, the question is being asked: “Where is the promise of His coming?” Here actually the word “return” should have been used in the English language, “Where is the promise of His return?” And beloved, would you believe that this promise will be fulfilled in our time? I do believe that brother Branham was sent with the message that foreruns the second coming of Christ and, by the grace of God, I had the privilege to take this original message to the ends of the earth. And according to Mathew 24:14, this gospel, including every promise, this gospel of the Kingdom of God, is being preached as a witness to all nations and then the end shall be.

Again, we have to admit that there are so many misunderstandings, misinterpretations, be it upon the Scripture or upon what brother Branham said. I simply cannot stand a misunderstanding or a misinterpretation. God is His own interpreter, this brother Branham emphasised very, very strongly. And then, if we read in the 2nd Epistle of John we are told, and I am reading from the same Scofield brother Branham was reading. I read verse 7 in the 2nd Epistle of John: “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ cometh in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” This is not only a brother with a wrong teaching and a wrong spirit who denies the literal, bodily coming of our Lord. And everyone, and please sit still, everyone proclaiming that Jesus Christ has already come is not only wrong, he is a deceiver, he is an antichrist as the Scripture pronounces it right here. So we have to pay attention to the Word of God.

If you read in Acts 1:9-11, the same Jesus who was bodily taken to glory, who was seen by the disciples right from Bethany and they looked and when they saw Him no more, they fell down on their faces worshiping God – Luke 24:50-51. And now we have the teaching that Christ has already come, all misunderstandings, all misinterpretations, but even more, deceivers under the antichrist spirit. And beloved, we have to go the days of Augustine. The moment Augustine wrote about this date and the church announcing that Christ has already come spiritually and the Kingdom of God is being established on the earth, the same applies to all in the message who say that Christ has come in 1963.

I have to be strong on this point because of the eternal Word of God. You can expect a number of things from brother Frank; I will go all the way to help anybody on earth but to compromise, no, and again, no. I have a commission, a call, a ministry, I knew not only brother Branham for ten years, I know the Lord personally and I head His voice when He commissioned me to go from city to city to preach His Word.

And then you hear brothers in the message saying that Jeffersonville is the only storehouse on earth and nobody has a right to preach or to give out the spiritual food except that one place. Beloved, to this subject, I have to say the following: I know the statements when brother Branham was told especially the day, and I remember too well, April 2nd, 1962, the same day the Lord spoke to me here in Germany, the same Lord spoke to brother Branham on the same day, commissioning him to return to Jeffersonville and to store in the food. But the same Lord told me and confirmed it through the lips of William Branham, God’s prophet, that I should wait with the giving-out of the food until I would receive the rest of the food.

Beloved friends, I don’t want to go into detail and I don’t need to speak in my name or for myself. I just claim to be part of the ministry God gave through brother Branham. I would not have a ministry to take if it would not have been for the ministry of William Branham. He was God’s promised prophet for our day, but he left and the message remains with us. And after he was taken to be with the Lord, it was brother Frank who took the message to every continent, east and west, south and north, and now we are coming to the last few countries to be reached with the message of the hour.

So beloved, take into consideration also what Paul was writing in 2nd Timothy 4, “The time would come when people would not endure sound doctrine.” We have to stay in the Word of God, which is the only sound doctrine on earth. Beloved, the Lord, the Bridegroom, is coming soon and the bride must prepare herself.

May the God of Heaven bless you with divine understanding, with divine revelation and inspiration to know the message, to know the Scripture, to know the Lord, to know the time we are now living in and to have part in what God is doing right now. God bless and be with you in Jesus’ holy name.