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Jesus Christus ist derselbe gestern, heute und in Ewigkeit. Heb.13.8


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Internet Video Summary December 2008 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. It is a privilege to share with you what God has done during this past weekend. We were gathered from all over Europe and also from countries overseas and the dear Lord has blessed us in a tremendous way.

We shared a few thoughts from Luke 1 and of course many other scriptures, but especially with Mary, the virgin, and then comparing with the wise virgins in Matthew 25. Mary did not know of any man, she received the Word of promise and then the Holy Spirit came over her and the Word was made flash dwelling among us.

It just was something very special to realise that in one day, in one moment, all the promises, right from Genesis 3:15 where the Lord God said that the seed would come through the woman to bruise the serpent’s head, to bring us redemption, and then of course Psalms 2:7 “Thou art my Son; today have I begotten thee” and also the other places in the Scriptures right to Isaiah 7:14 “…a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and call his name Immanuel.” When that moment arrived and the angel Gabriel visited Mary, all these promises became a reality.

My beloved friends, we are living in a time when God’s promises become a reality. And we just have to face it. We are not on earth to play religion; we are not only here to have different denominations and churches. We have to realise that God has the church bought, purchased by the blood of the Lamb. And that within the time of grace He takes care of every promise He made to us.

Right from the beginning of the New Testament, the promises were fulfilled. John the Baptist was a promised prophet. The moment this promise was given to Zechariah about the birth of John the Baptist saying “he would go before the Lord in the Spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the ways of the Lord, make ready a people for the Lord.” Beloved, what are the promises for our day? Once again, I would like to point to Luke 1: “thou hast found favour before God.” Do you acknowledge that the moment when God fulfils promises we must find favour with Him that His promises would be fulfilled through us. Even if we go to Revelation 18:4 when the voice comes from heaven calling “ye my people come out from among them”.

First it is written in the Scriptures and when the time comes, that Word is being fulfilled and only those who accept the promised Word of God can have part in the fulfilment also. The same applies to 2nd Corinthians 6, from verse 14 “ye my people come out”. Not everybody and please understand, God did not interfere with any religion existing on the face of the earth. He did not interfere with any church or any denomination. Everyone can do as they like, can teach what they wish and decide, but the body of Christ, the church of the living God must obey the Word of God, must be subject to the Lord. And therefore, as Jesus Christ said, “I will build my church”, not a church, not a denomination, but “I will build my church”, the church of the firstborn, those who are born again by the Holy Spirit.

And beloved brothers and sisters, Jesus Christ in this respect was the firstborn among many brethren. And just as the Word of promise was given to Mary, so the Word of promise is given to the church of the living God and as she received and believed that promised Word, the Holy Spirit overshadowed her and the Word was made flesh and the Son of God was born. In the same way, it happens with us. We hear the promised Word for this day and this is the big difference between all the churches, all the denominations, all the religions, they all have a general understanding of what they believe and teach, but the church of the living God is not interested in the teachings of a denomination, we are interested to know the promised Word of God for this day. What are the promises? First of all, our Lord said, “I go to prepare the place and then I will return to take you to be where I am.” But before this happens, God made the promise “I will send you Elijah the prophet to restore all things.” A number of Scriptures could be given.

Let us once again look into what happened with the Virgin Mary and then to know what will happen to the wise virgins. The wise virgins do not know of any man, they do not know of any interpretation of a Scripture. They do not receive a strange seed, the true virgins of Christ who will make it for the marriage supper of the Lamb. They stay clean with God and His Word, just receiving the promises and the Holy Spirit comes upon us to make that promise a reality. Brothers and sisters, I shall have to write again and again about the importance of the promises and predictions made by God Himself in His holy Word, which are now coming to fulfilment.

We do believe that God has sent in our time His servant and prophet William Branham to take us back to the Word of God, but not to interpret a single Scripture, but leave it to God Who is His own interpreter, Who lets things come to pass whenever the time arrives.

Beloved, once again, I would just like to say with a thankful heart, God has blessed us. And friends, if in our time more than eight hundred people gather, come from distances of over one thousand kilometres to be in the services to hear the Word of God, then, of course, a famine, a spiritual famine is in the land to hear the Word of God.

And to all of you, wherever you might be on earth, may the blessings of God rest upon you, may you be a wise virgin like Mary to receive the promise and may the Holy Spirit come upon you. The dear Lord bless you and be with you in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.