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Internet Summary June 2008 / Ewald Frank

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Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Centre in Krefeld, Germany. It is always a privilege for me to share a few things with you after the first weekend of every month.

We do look back to the meetings we just had and people came from all over the continent, right from the furthest north, from Finland, right throughout the other countries, up to Greece and then of course from different countries from overseas. We just thank God for this great opportunity that we do have to share the Word of God, the message of the hour, and also to show forth the fulfilment of Bible prophecies in our day and time. Especially with Israel, we had been to Israel in May and we understand that sixty years have passed since Israel became a nation and we brought a tree to the meeting to show what it means when our Lord said, “when you see the fig-tree coming back to life again”, speaking about Israel again, we brought a three-year-old fig-tree, the symbol for Israel, to show how God in simplicity, in various pictures and parables, would speak about great things which would happen with Israel.

And friends, in connection with this, we have to understand that the time for the gentiles will have to finish. That is according to many scriptures: Acts 15, from verse 13, Romans 11, especially from verse 25, Luke 21, verse 24 - “Jerusalem will be trodden down by the Gentiles and then the end will be.” And friends, then you read on in the same chapter and our Lord says again: “When you see the fig-tree, then pay attention, lift up your eyes and your heads for your redemption is drawing near.

We cannot go into further details about Israel, but we love Israel, we love the God of Israel. And then the other thing is this that the negotiations about Jerusalem are just going on in every way, with the USA, with Russia, at this present time, even today, our foreign minister is in Jerusalem, the foreign minister of France is in Baghdad and we just had a delegation of eight people from Jerusalem visiting in the Vatican with eight highest-ranking men in the Vatican to speak about the covenant, about the treaty, about that the Vatican state will have a government agreement with Israel, about territories, about buildings, about all that the Vatican should own in Jerusalem. And friends, there is one things – I am not a man with dates, but all speak that until December this year, there should be an agreement signed so my beloved friends, I am not a prophet, I am just a very simple man of God, but I do have a commission to go from city to city, to preach the Word and I do have the commission to share the end-time message as we received it by William Branham, God’s servant and prophet, but let me tell you, we are very close to the return of Christ and this is our time, our time to line up with the Word of God, this is our time to come back to the true Bible teachings and not deviate in a single point from the Holy Scriptures.

As I said many times, God is only in His Word, and Satan, even if he dresses up all in white, even if he comes as an angel of light, presenting himself all with righteousness and always going back to the Scriptures as he did with our Lord, saying it is written – but there is always a trap, always a trap when Satan uses the Scriptures, there is always a trap.

Now, coming very quickly to Isaiah, chapter 28, where we are told that religious churches and whatever there exists, they hide themselves in falsehood under lies – Isaiah 28:15 – and then it says in verse 16, “Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tested stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believeth shall not make haste.” And then it says, here, right in verse 17, “Justice also will I lay to the line, and righteousness to the plummet…” and he that hears these words should watch. The second part of verse 17: “…the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies, and the waters shall overflow the hiding place.

Last Friday, from five to six in the morning, we had a special experience here at the Mission Centre and in this city of Krefeld as a whole. All of a sudden, it was dark and it began to rain down hailstones. Within few minutes, the ground was covered with hailstones that were sometimes bigger as the eggs of a hen are. Right away, as I said, within the minutes, we had the whole ground covered and the Scripture came to me according to God’s Holy Word, the judgements are coming. And just as the Lord, when He called people, or His people, out of Egypt, in the seventh plague there were hailstones coming down – Exodus 9:13. When Joshua took the land, the promised land, again hailstones came down – Joshua 10:11-14. When the trumpet judgments will come, Revelation 8:7, the same thing will happen again. When the two prophets will have their ministry, Revelation 11:15-19, during the seventh trumpet, the same happens again, Revelation 16:17 and 21, when the last vial is poured out, it happens again.

For me it is just precious to know where to place things, be it before the rapture or after the rapture. I just believe that God is the God of Order and all things must be placed to where they belong.

Another thing, we all understand that the Roman Catholic Church is making headway since the visit of the pope in the USA and now on Good Friday the Jews are no more cursed but now the prayer should be for Jews that they should recognize Jesus Christ. But the Catholic Church presents Jesus Christ as the second person and there is no second person, God is one person, not two, not three and therefore the Jews cannot accept it. But beloved friends, the time is here, the time is at hand where God will have His way, but first the bride church must be completed and then the Lord takes us home to glory and right after that, the two prophets will have their ministry and the Jews will recognize Jesus Christ and look upon Him whom they have pierced and understand this is our Lord and God.

Dear friends, I am grateful for this Bible, I am grateful for William Branham, God’s servant and prophet, promised prophet for our day. I am just grateful for the Holy Spirit to lead us into all the truth. We shall write in a circular letter and deal with the things which are now coming to pass according to the prophetic Scripture. May the Lord God bless you and be with you.

As I said, we just had wonderful meetings, over 800 people were here from over 30 countries and God is blessing all over the earth. By Internet, we can now be heard in 10 different languages wherever you might live on earth.

God bless you, choose your own language and you will be blessed with us. The Lord God be with you in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.