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Internet Summary Video – December 2017 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary Video
December 2017

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Germany. 

As already many, many times through the past years we had a blessed weekend, people were here from all over Europe, from Africa, from the USA, from many, many different countries and God's Word was shared with God's people once again. 

It is such a grace to believe God. As it is written about Abraham. Abraham believed God, not any interpretation, explanation, Abraham believed God's original Word of promise and he saw the promise fulfilled. We have the promise of our dear Lord and Savior, in John chapter 14: “I go to prepare the place then I will return and take you to be where I am.” 

And also in God's Word, in Hebrews chapter 9 we have right at the end these precious words: “So Christ once was offered for sin but the second time he will come not with taking care of sin but taking home those who were purchased by the blood He shed when He came the first time.” The first time He came to redeem us, the second time he comes to take the redeemed the blood-washed, those sanctified in the Word of truth and sealed by the Holy Spirit He will take home to glory. That is the second coming of Christ. 

Then we have all the other comings, we shall not go into these details, our concern is the second coming of Christ, the promised return and also, as I've said many times, the message of the hour is God's Word directed to us, calling out, separation, restoration, preparation, to be ready when the Lord returns. And no one knows the day or the hour but our Lord said: “When you see all these things come to pass then you know the time is near,  even at the door.” 

We also understand the divine commission given to our beloved brother William Branham, a man sent from God with the message of God to the people of God. He had the restoration ministry, he was God's promised prophet for our day. And the Lord said: “I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great day of the Lord comes and he shall restore all things.“ He shall take the hearts of the children of God back to the apostolic fathers, the same foundation that was laid at the very beginning, the same foundation was laid in our time. 

Beloved, yesterday was December 3 and it reminded me of December 3, 1962, when I was sitting together with brother Branham and brother Sothman and brother Woods, we were sitting at the table and the man of God, by divine revelation, repeated the words the Lord had spoken to me on April 2, 1962. And then he said: “Brother Frank, you misunderstood, you thought there will come a natural famine but God will send a famine to hear His Words and the food you are to put in store is the promised Word of God for this day.” And he even said: “It's in the messages which are being taped.” I say this before God Almighty. And the prophet at the end of this conversation said: “Brother Frank, wait with the giving out of the food until you get the rest of the food.” I've mentioned this many times but for me December 3 has a very, very special meaning. 

Here is the truth and I'm not speaking about myself: I did not call myself, I did not send myself, I did not commission myself, it was the Lord who called me by His own voice penetrating through all my soul and body and William Branham, God's prophet, confirming it. So the food that was put in store on the tapes in Jeffersonville, every tape was sent to brother Frank. Three weeks after the sermon was preached in the USA, they arrived in Germany and I showed the brothers who come from different countries all the 1000 tapes that I stored through the years while brother Branham was still alive. 

And, beloved, we also have to say this: our beloved brother was told: “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, you are sent with a message that will forerun the second coming of Christ.” And then the prophet made the statement: “Not that I would forerun the second coming, but the message would be the forerunning of the second coming.” Beloved brothers all over the world, if you cannot believe every word that was said, forget it, stop preaching, stop. Finished. You cannot alter, you cannot change a single word of that great commission. By the grace of God after brother Branham was taken to glory on my birthday December 24, 1965, beloved, from that time I have shared the Word of God, the message of the hour. And in November this year I made the trip to Kuwait, to Bahrain and Kuwait was number 164 and Bahrain was number 165 among the countries I have visited in the past 55 years sharing the Word of God promised for this hour, informing God's people of what He promised and what He's presently doing. 

And here is the secret that I have to just share with you: It's not enough to be connected to the prophet. You must be connected to God by the Word and by the Spirit. Everything brother Branham preached came from the Word of God and brought us back to the Word of God. He was a prophet and the Word of God comes to the prophet but where do all the misunderstandings come from? Because you close the Bible and put the Bible aside. I did the contrary. I opened the Bible. I searched the Bible day and night after I heard the message of the hour. 

And so, beloved, I look back to the many years and God has opened the doors to all nations all over the earth and the last message has now reached the ends of the earth and the Scripture is being fulfilled before our very eyes. This gospel of the kingdom of God including the promise for this day is being preached to all nations and our Lord said: “... then the end shall be.” [Mt 24:14] So please understand, we are living very, very close to the second coming of Christ. 

May God's grace be upon all brethren who thought or think that they are called to minister the Word of God. If you are called to minister, you are called to preach the Word. You must not interpret what brother Branham said, you must not interpret what the Scripture said, you must put things together and there's not one contradiction between what the prophet said and what the Scripture says. All the contradictions are in your heads, in your minds but not in the message and not in the Word of God. 

I say this again in the name of Jesus Christ: A man of God is sent to prepare the way of the Lord. Not for himself, not to connect the people to himself, but to connect the people with God as it was said about the ministry of John the Baptist: “a people well prepared for the Lord” [Lk 1:17]. Now the message of the hour must have a result and that is that the Bride of Christ is well prepared for the return of the Bridegroom. 

With me, by God's grace, there is no misunderstanding, no contradiction, everything is in the right place. But it's also necessary for you to not only read about the subject but also take it back to the Word of God and be sure what you are teaching is in the Word of God. 

So let us summarize: there were special days in every believer’s life: your conversion, your experiences with the Lord, your day of baptism, your day of baptism in the Holy Spirit. There were special days in the life of all believers. There were special days in my life. I don't want to go into these details, but also with brother Branham’s meeting for the first time in August 15, 1955, that is many, many years ago, and then all the other times. I met William Branham in Dallas, Texas, in 1958 when he said: “Brother Frank, you will return Germany with this message” and all the other times I met him. And by the grace of God, I look back to a number of times when the Lord spoke to me, even on September 19, 1976, in Edmonton: “My servant, I ordained you according to Matthew 24 verses 45 to 47 to share the food with others.” This is as true as God lives. 

So by the grace of God William Branham stored in the food but from that time he was taken to glory and I saw him going up on that supernatural cloud on December 24, 1965, in Germany it was about 10:45 PM. I say this before God Almighty I saw William Branham going to glory on that supernatural cloud on December 24, 1965, about 10:45 PM. Beloved, what should I say? God's callings are true. I have done what the Lord has commissioned me to do, His prophet confirmed it. I'm not speaking for myself, but what about all the brothers who reject the God-ordained ministry? What about them all over the world? The many directions, thunders whatever you have. It's all misinterpretations of what the prophet said. 

So by the grace of God there's a Word-bride, not interpretations, 100% Word-bride washed in the blood of the lamb, sealed by the Holy Spirit. There's no confusion in heaven and anybody living in confusion now will not be in the rapture. I repeat in the name of Jesus Christ by the authority of God's holy Word: anyone that lives in confusion now will not be in the rapture. In the rapture will be the pure, sanctified bride of Christ, flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone, spirit of His spirit. 

My beloved, return to God, return to the Word and preach Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever. May the God of heaven bless you all and be with you all until we meet Him in glory. Stay blessed in Jesus’ holy name. Amen.