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Internet Summary Video – June 2017 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary June 2017

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany. We are just so grateful to Almighty God for visiting this generation and also looking back to the meetings we had on this past weekend. It's amazing how God is calling people from all nations and tribes. Here in the Mission Center over 20 different nations, over 1,200 were gathered to hear the Word of God and then in 172 countries the believers were watching the services and listening to the Word of God. We believe, I believe, the last message is reaching the ends of the earth. And I can truthfully say as the apostle Peter said in 2Peter chapter 1 verse 16:

"For we have not followed cunningly devised fables when we made known unto you the power and the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but were eyewitnesses of his Majesty."

Our subject is the second coming of Christ, the preparation, the separation, getting ready for that glorious day which is fast approaching. Then also in verse 19:

"We have also a more sure Word of prophecy."

Beloved brothers and sisters, my heart is torn to pieces because of the many teachings which are going on in the name of the message. And especially the last one from the main headquarters in Jeffersonville on April 30th emphasising the return of the prophet. I want you to show me one place in God's holy Word where the prophet should return! This Word of God only speaks about the return of Jesus Christ, our Lord! I will never receive a false teaching! Never receive an interpretation! I am called directly by the audible voice of the Lord to preach this Word of God! Not cunningly devised fables. 

And brothers and sisters, I look back to the many years when brother Branham passed away in December 1965. He never had preached the message in a single country on earth, only evangelistic meetings. Actually the message came forth since the opening of the seven seals. But for us, beloved brothers and sisters, it's so important to believe precisely what was said from the supernatural cloud. And I read it once again and I tell you right now: If you cannot believe the original text spoken to William Branham on June 11th, 1933, you are damned by God Himself to believe every interpretation and every fable! I read which came from the mouth of William Branham repeating what he was told:

"People began fainting, falling and a voice came that shook all around the place there and said: «As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Christ, the message that is given you will be a forerunner of the second coming of Christ.» Not that I would be the forerunner, but the message was to forerun."

This is "Thus says the Lord!" 

And then the falsification. It is just a few words: "As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of the Lord, so are you send to forerun His second coming." And this is a lie! A lie! You just compare the two things: the original words and the falsification. 

Brothers and sisters, the time has come – light is separated from darkness, right from wrong! It's impossible! You have to believe what God said, or you are damned to believe your own interpretation and all the wrong teachings. 

It really hurts me because by the grace of God I was given the privilege to know brother Branham for 10 years, to drive with him in the same car, to even sleep in his bed and to eat with him at the same table, and to know his ministry even right before the opening of the seven seals.

Beloved brothers and sisters, and now the emphasis goes that he must return and also that all should join to hear the "voice of God" directly through the tapes and then the statement that if something is not yet on the tape then it will be revealed when the messenger returns with all the saints and will be with us here on earth. And that is again a terrible lie! The messenger will never raise with the saints to be here on earth! If you read 1 Thessalonians chapter 3 what does it say? What does it say? Christ will come with all the saints! Never did William Branham say: "I will rise from the dead and I will have to continue and complete my ministry." All misunderstandings and misinterpretations. And "William Branham…" and "William Branham…" and "the message…" and "the message…" are made the main subject. 

Beloved, I say this in the fear of God: there's no person presently living on earth to recognise the unique extraordinary ministry God gave to William Branham! Not the apostle Paul, not the apostle Peter, no one ever had such a ministry! The same ministry our Lord had repeated in my days – I am an eyewitness, I am an earwitness of that ministry. 

But then, this ministry was to draw our attention to the message of the Word of God! And how many times did brother Branham say: "The message is: «Back to the Word of God»"?

And if you read very carefully Matthew 17:11: "He shall restore all things." Not bring a new doctrine, a new religion, but restore us back to the original foundation laid by the apostles and prophets! Back to the true Word of Almighty God! 

And then somebody dares to say on April 30th in Jeffersonville – I will read it to you: "When Saul got with the witch of Endor he called back Samuel, right and says: When he was standing there what was he? He said, he was a prophet of God. He said he still had his mantle on him. He said he hadn't lost it although he had passed and went on the other side."

And now comes the statement:

"He said: That was still the prophet of God. So when brother Branham comes back, he still is going to be the seventh church age messenger."

Beloved brothers and sisters, even to use such happening with Saul with the witch of Endor and with Samuel to claim that as Samuel lived and was called back, brother Branham lived and will be called back… Who is going to call him back?! Who?! My God in heaven! Stop fooling the people! Stop lying! Come back to the Word of God! Come back to the truth! 

So, we see what is happening: Did Samuel have a ministry when the witch of Endor called him? Only one statement he made to Saul: "Tomorrow you and your sons will also be here!" Finished! I have to tear this. I have tear this! I cannot stand it! I am born again, I'm a child of God! Truth is truth and Word of God is Word of God. Lie is lie. There's no promise for the prophet to return to be with us for 30 or 40 days! No and once again no! We wait for the return of Christ! 

And as we read in brother Branham's own words in the testimony that the message would forerun… and the message has reached the ends of the earth and the return of our Lord is imminent. 

I will have to write about these things in a circular letter. My prayer is that God's victory will be manifested and that God's Word will be believed by all the true children of God. All the different teachings brought division, division, division… No true ministry, no true Bible teaching has brought a division! And I can say this before God Almighty: I am not responsible for a single division. And I preached in 160 countries. I am not responsible to have followers just following me. No, by the grace of God I could share the true message of God's Word and tell the people: If a ministry does not connect the people with God there's something wrong with that ministry. You're not connected to brother Frank, you're connected to God's Word, to God and you believe the Scripture and every Word of God.

So, as we read at the beginning, we have not followed cunningly devised fables. Forget all the fables! If you follow fables you are a foolish virgin and you will never meet the Bridegroom. If you wait for the messenger to return, you don't wait for Christ to return! But only Christ, our Lord and Saviour gave the promise: "I go to prepare the place and I will return and take you to be where I am."

May the grace of God rest upon you and may the Word of God reach your hearts and accomplish what it was sent for.

God bless you and God be with you. Amen.