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Internet Video Summary transcription - May 2016 / Ewald Frank

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Internet Summary May 2016

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, this is brother Frank speaking to you from the International Mission Center in Krefeld, Germany.

We just had a most wonderful weekend sharing the precious Word of God, also giving a small report of what God is doing all over the Earth. And it’s absolutely marvelous to see the message of the hour reaching the last countries, the last elect in every nation.

As you know we had a trip to Benin in Africa and the Lord has also blessed. Here we have a small picture of the crowd coming to the meetings – between two and three thousand. And whatever was said during the services was also heard by the whole nation. And it's absolutely great to see such a multitude believing the message of the hour. And I realized: I was there for the last time 20 years ago and the fruit has come up because the responsible brethren are connected by the Internet to hear the messages we preach on every first weekend in a month, sharing the spiritual food with the elect all over the earth.

And we believe what the Holy Scripture says, what our Lord referred to in Matthew 24:14: "This gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to all nations and then the end shall be." We also are thankful for the ministry of brother Branham. If God would not have sent a messenger, I would not have a message to preach. I would preach like all the Pentecostal brethren preach, remaining in the traditional teachings of trinity and triune baptism and enjoying themselves, making the atmosphere with much music.

But beloved, that's not what God ordained for this time. Everything had its place. Since the Reformation there was revival after revival and everyone knows about the Pentecostal revival, about the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Los Angeles at Asuza street in the year 1906. But now we are in a different time.

After the World War II the Lord sent a messenger with a direct commission from the Almighty to bring us back to the original teachings of God's Holy Word, to the original foundation, to the original doctrines of the apostles. We recognize what was said and is written in Acts chapter 2 verse 42: "And they remained in the doctrines of the apostles, in the teachings, in prayer, in fellowship."

My beloved brothers and sisters, this is the day the Lord has made for us! I also look back to over 50 years, oh, well, actually over 60 years… It was in 1955 when I met brother Branham and was in his meetings and saw the supernatural ministry and the extraordinary gift of discernment and the extraordinary gift of divine healing. This man of God was used by God in such a tremendous way that everyone had to say: "Nobody can do what happens here except God be with him."

I remember the day: August 15th, 1955, when I shook brother Branham's hand for the first time. Remembering all the other times when I met the prophet, met the messenger, the man sent from God. And beloved, I'm not saying this to present myself, no, but by the grace of God even during brother Branham's time all the sermons he preached were sent to me in Germany and I grew up under his ministry. And the times I shared with him, beloved – it was ordained of Almighty God and as certain as brother Branham was told to store in the food as certain the Lord spoke to me and said to store in the food. This is what I have done through all the years of brother Branham's ministry.

But then the prophet said on December 3rd, 1962 "Brother Frank, wait with the giving out of the food until you get the rest of the food." You all know my testimony: I was there when brother Branham was buried and beloved, since that time I've taken the message to over 150 countries, preaching in more than 650 cities on earth and also all the TV stations, which we are using up to this day to share the promised Word of God for this day. How many Scriptures could I read? And even the one brother Branham referred to many times: "It shall be light at the evening time." Our Lord said in the Gospel of John: "I came into the world as a light. He that follows me will not remain in darkness, but have the light of life." And here, if you read the other passages in the gospel of John, where our Lord said, here in John chapter 8 verse 31: "Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed on Him: If you continue in my Word…" Not only start, but continue! Remain! Remain in the Word of God! Please, never leave the Word of God!

And also everything brother Branham said – please, take it back to the Word of God! Don't put your own interpretations to the statements brother Branham made! Open your Bible! Brother Branham brought us back to God! Back to the Word! Back to the Bible!

And beloved, I don't know if you can understand my responsibility before God Almighty – now over 50 years have come and gone since the prophet was taken to be with the Lord, but as he testified about what was said to him: "Your message will forerun the second coming of Christ…"

So by the grace of God he was the messenger, but the message was to forerun and this is what has happened in the past 50 years and we are now reaching the final elect all over the earth. Even on this weekend over 20 nations were gathered here in the Mission Center. From all over the earth people have come. And brothers and sisters, by the grace of God, we are sharing the spiritual food in due season, informing God's people. We're not living in the past! We're not living in the 50s and not in the 60s, we're not living in 1906 when the outpouring of the Holy Spirit took place in Los Angeles! We're not living in the Pentecostal revival! We’re living in the time when the Bridegroom calls the Bride from all nations and he that has an ear will hear what the Spirit has to say.

So by the grace of God we are sharing brother Branham's sermons in all the many languages and we preach the Word of God. You never heard me preach about seven thunders. Why not? Because I'm ordained to preach the Word of God! Show me from the Bible where I can preach about 7 thunders. Where? Please, where? Show me where I can preach about the third pull, show me please! Show me where I can preach about the tent vision. No! All these things were part of the brother Branham’s special ministry! Leave them where God ordained them to be! Don't try to explain what brother Branham said! Believe what he said and teach the Word of God! I hope you understand what I mean. There are too many who take brother Branham's quotes, the statements he made, out of context and make their own teachings and their own followers… That's totally wrong! That is not what the message was given for!

And excuse me for making this remark, usually I never do it, but my dear friend, brother Pearry Green in the four last telephone conversations said to me: "Brother Frank, we had again a split in our church. Now we have nine message churches in Tucson." That's not right! There is something wrong! People have their own ways!

In the Bible there was one church in Ephesus, one in Corinth, one here, one there, not splits and splits and doctrines and doctrines… Back to the Word of God! This is God's time for God's people and we don’t go by explanations and interpretations, we go back to the Word of God!

And as I said – the blessed ministry of the prophet William Branham – leave it with God and with the prophet.

I say this finally: By the grace of God the prophet was sent to take us back to God, to take us back to the Word of God and therefore we take all he said back into the Scripture and make him say what the Bible says, and make the Bible say what he says! Not two things, one thing!

I’m grateful to Almighty God for this heavenly privilege that I, who followed brother Branham’s ministry since 1955, by God's grace can understand everything he said and place it in the Word of God by the grace of God.

May the dear Lord bless you wherever you are, right to the ends of the earth. And today we even had a couple here from Mongolia. Can you imagine? From Ulaanbaatar, where I preached some time ago a couple has come to be with us today.

Beloved brothers and sisters, this is God's time for God's people. Receive the Word of God, stay in the Word of God and therefore in the will of God.

May the dear Lord be with you all, is my prayer in Jesus' holy name. Amen.